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Resource recovery and waste fees

Fees as at 01/07/2018

Rubbish bag collection
Please note that an independent operator sets, in part, the charges for pre-stickered plastic sacks. For this reason, charges may vary from time to time. Council’s rubbish bags are prepaid pink stickered black bags which are available from all supermarkets.

Kerbside Crates for the Glass Only Collection Service
One crate per property is provided for in the rates assessment of each property at $26.00 per annum. Additional crates are charged at $26.00 per annum.

A “Put Back” service for property owners who want to ensure their kerbside crate(s) are placed back inside their property is $6 per crate for each pick-up service.

Transfer stations
Please note that Transfer Station services are managed via a lease. The independent operator sets fees and charges as deemed appropriate. For this reason, charges may vary from time to time. Please refer to Council’s website for the most current Transfer Station charges.

Resource recovery and waste Charges
Licence to collect waste from private land (including one waste collection vehicle) $365.00
Additional waste collection vehicle (per vehicle) $52.00
Licence for kerbside waste colleciton (including one waste collection vehicle) $365.00
Additional waste collection vehicle (per vehicle) $52.00
Sundry income
Promotional items (signs, worm farms, worms, bags, promotional reuse items such as coffee cups, compost bins etc) (Price varies depending on availability at time of promotion) Various
Public events
a) Staff member to monitor bins for the first 4 hours (min 2 staff for 4 hours each) $416.00
b) Hourly rate after first four hours (min 2 staff) $83.00
Individual workshop/talk/seminar may be charged and include factors such as the length of event and costs associated with the event such as speakers fees, production of handouts, materials, hire of bus etc. Various
Worm composting workshop
Attendance at worm composting workshop (per household, max 2 persons) $35.00
Abandoned cars
Storage fee (per day) $15.00

Charity Shop Waste Disposal Waiver
Approved charity shops are allocated a disposal waiver amount (in tonnes) per month. Any exceedence of the waiver amount is on charged to the charity at the gate rate set by the Transfer Station operator, Envirowaste Services Limited (ESL).

Last Reviewed: 03/09/2018
Trade Waste Charges
Flow                                                                                                                                                     $1.44 per m3
Suspended solids $1.78 per kg
Chemical Oxygen demand $0.69 per kg


Last Reviewed: 29/03/2017

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