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Whakaaetanga Whanake Tūāhanga

Development Works Approval (DWA)

Development Works Approval (DWA) is required for all infrastructure that is being vested to Council.

All developments where infrastructure is being vested to Council, require a Development Works Approval prior to the commencement of construction. Development Works Approval is a confirmation that the detailed design has met all engineering and landform requirements, ensures that all design due diligence has been undertaken and provides the mechanism for achieving the appropriate outcome.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to use the collaboratively developed Infrastructure Development Code for technical and process requirements as this will provide a faster and fairer means of processing.

A DWA is not necessary in cases where only a connection to Council’s infrastructure is required. A Service Connection Application must be submitted instead.

General Infrastructure Development Process (102kb pdf)

Uploading your DWA Application

DWA applications are uploaded to the DWA Objective Connect portal. If access is required to this portal – send an email to devplan@tauranga.govt.nz to request access. Once you have received a link, you can upload any DWA applications for review. Any DWA applications should be formatted using the DWA application document template.

For any general DWA enquiries, email devplan@tauranga.govt.nz or phone 07 557-9761.

DWA Application Document Template (683kb pdf)

DWA Application Process Information (1.9mb pdf)

Payment of DWA Deposit

The DWA fee is estimated by the consultant as it is based on the value of work to be carried out. Tauranga City Council does not issue an invoice for the required DWA deposit. When Development Works Approval is issued, a copy of the DWA payment receipt will also be included with the approval.

Consultants can use the Asset Register (AR-1) Form to work out the DWA deposit required.

DWA Fees

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