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We are aware that some customers are having issues making payments online. This is due to Visa and Mastercard now enforcing two-factor authentication on all payments in order to increase security.

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How to save water

Small changes in water use can make a big difference in maintaining a sustainable water supply to the city now, and into the future. We need to make every drop count.

The climate and weather patterns are changing in Tauranga, and across the globe. Over the past five years we have experienced record dry weather and more recently experienced unprecedented wet weather. These changing climatic conditions can put pressure on our water supply to the city.

In Tauranga our water is drawn from three spring-fed streams. During periods of hot, dry weather the aquifers that supply our streams do not recharge at the same rate that we are taking water. During heavy rain events demand for water eases, however it brings challenges in our ability to treat water due to the extra sediment stirred up. Whatever the weather, good water conservation practices are needed.

Water saving tips, inspiration and news

Free rainwater harvesting workshops on offer to Tauranga residents

Posted: 04 May 2023

Tauranga City Council is offering free workshops on the benefits of harvesting rainwater and how to choose a suitable rainwater tank for your needs. 

Restrictions amended to allow more watering of vege gardens

Posted: 14 November 2022

Water Watchers, the year-round plan for managing water in Tauranga, has been approved by Tauranga City Council to remain through to 2026.

A flourishing garden without water worries

Posted: 15 March 2022

Wanting a beautiful backyard and to do her bit for the environment too, Papamoa gardener and artist Jenny Coker has spent the past two years creating a garden that flourishes without much water. 

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