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Proposed partial reclassification of Gate Pā Recreation Reserve

Gate Pa Cultural Centre

Proposed concept of the Pukehinahina Gate Pā Cultural and Historic Centre from Ngāi Tamarāwaho and Pukehinahina Charitable Trust

We’re proposing to change the classification of a part (approximately 20% or 0.615 hectares) of Gate Pā Recreation Reserve to enable the Pukehinahina Gate Pā Cultural and Historic Centre to be developed on this site in the future.

Update – 13 October 2022

Thank you for making a submission on the proposed partial reclassification of Gate Pā Recreation Reserve. Consultation closed at 5pm Wednesday 12 October 2022. Council staff are collating all the submissions received and preparing for a hearing session scheduled for 7 November. If you have indicated that you wish to speak at the hearing, Council staff will be in touch with you closer to the time. Have a great day.

A cultural and historic centre would play a key role in contributing significantly to community wellbeing by providing economic, educational and tourism opportunities.

The proposed site is close to schools, businesses and the Kōpurererua Valley Reserve, and it’s in the centre of the Te Papa Peninsula, where an extra 15,000 people will make their home over the next 30 years.

Ngāi Tamarāwaho identified the Gate Pā Recreation Reserve as suitable for the cultural and historical centre due to its immense historic and cultural significance. This reserve forms part of the site of the 1864 Battle of Pukehinahina Gate Pā, one of the most significant land battles that took place in Tauranga Moana.

To enable Ngāi Tamarāwaho and the Pukehinahina Charitable Trust to develop the Cultural and Historic Centre on this area, the land needs to be reclassified from a recreation reserve to a historic reserve in accordance with the Reserves Act 1977.

Tauranga City Council Commissioners have agreed in principle to the reclassification, subject to the outcome of the public and tangata whenua notification which is required as part of the reclassification process.

The reserve is Crown-owned land and the public and tangata whenua notification is supported by the Department of Conservation (DOC), the lead Crown agency. We manage the land on behalf of the Crown and the land is protected by us under the Reserves Act.

Proposed Partial Reclassification of Gate Pā Recreation Reserve – Council Meeting Agenda – 25 July 2022

About the area of land being proposed for partial reclassification

We’ve commenced with the public and tangata whenua notification required under the Reserves Act to change the classification of a part (approximately 6,150m2 or 0.615 hectares) of the Gate Pā Recreation Reserve from Recreation Reserve to Historic Reserve, so the Pukehinahina Gate Pā Cultural and Historic Centre can be developed here in the future.

This piece of land is located at 1085 Cameron Road, Gate Pā and is the site of the former Gate Pā Bowling Club.

The rest of the reserve (approximately 2.385 hectares) will remain as recreation reserve.


Survey has closed

The survey closed at 5pm, Wednesday 12 October 2022


  • Consultation starts

    Monday 12 September 2022
  • Consultation ends

    5pm Wednesday 12 October 2022
  • Hearing

    Monday 7 November 2022
  • Deliberations

    Monday 28 November 2022
  • Decision

    December 2022

Gate pa site map

The proposed partial reclassification area outlined in purple and labelled as ‘Proposed Area’

Proposed reclassification area site map (2.2mb pdf)

Every reserve under the Reserves Act has a classification, which determines the main purpose of the reserve. The proposal is to change the current recreation classification to something more suited to the intended new use. The reclassification would not affect how we manage the land or its reserve status, or the protections under the Reserves Act. It would not affect the recreation classification of the rest of the reserve; it simply means that the piece of land within the reserve could be used for the purpose of developing the cultural and historic centre.

Next steps

  • Council staff – review submissions, hold hearing and deliberations session, and report back to the Commission and DOC
  • Commission – listen to submitters, deliberate and make decision
  • Public – attend hearing and speak to their submissions.

If the partial reclassification is confirmed (when the decision has been made)

  • Council staff will commence discussions with Ngāi Tamarāwaho and the Pukehinahina Charitable Trust regarding what the lease of the land will look like for the purposes of the cultural and historic centre.
  • Once the terms and conditions of the proposed lease have been agreed upon in principle, Council will then notify the public and tangata whenua of its intention to lease the reclassified land to Ngāi Tamarāwaho and the Pukehinahina Charitable Trust for the purposes of the cultural and historic centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

In accordance with the Reserves Act 1977, Council is required to notify the public and tangata whenua when it is proposing to reclassify a reserve.

The public and tangata whenua have one month, from the date that notification commences, to make written objections to Council. Under sections 119 and 120 of the Reserves Act, an objector may request an opportunity to be heard. Following the one-month notification period, Council will hold a hearing to review the submissions and hear any submitter that wishes to speak to their submission.

It means that only a portion (i.e. 20%) of the reserve is going to have its classification changed from the current recreation reserves status to a historic reserve classification. The balance of the reserve will continue to have a recreation reserve classification.

Council will need to administer and manage the reserve in such a way to ensure protection and preservation of such areas, objects and natural features that are of historic, archaeological, cultural, education and other special interest.

Council will also be required to administer and maintain the reserve in accordance with section 18 of the Reserves Act 1977. This section ensures that historic reserves are administered and maintained in such a way that the structures, objects and sites illustrate, with integrity, the history of New Zealand.

The Tauranga Reserve Management Plan is the document which records Council’s objective and policies for the management, protection and future development of the reserves in the City.

There are reserve specific management statements contained in the plan which sets out how each reserve will be managed by Council. One of the reserve specific management statements for the Gate Pa Recreation Reserves is “If the existing active activities vacate the reserve, they will not be replaced with other active recreational activities.” This is to recognise and protect the significant historical, cultural, social, spiritual and traditional values associated with the reserve.

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