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Tuihono whakaaetanga hangahanga

Building consents online

Building consent and code compliance certificate applications can now be submitted online.

Our building consents online system allows you to submit, manage and track applications for both consents and code compliance certificate, from anywhere, at any time. 

Apply for a building consent

Before submitting an application, it is best to verify details of the property.

You can also see if your project requires a building consent, and view the property information map to show any features like natural hazards slopes, and stormwater/wastewater assets.

Before you begin

These few simple preparation checks will ensure you can quickly and easily submit your application:

  • know the owner as listed on the certificate of title
  • required documents need to be PDF format files that do not exceed 1G in size
  • ensure these have OCR and bookmarking. More information
  • prepare a succinct, accurate description for your project (e.g. ‘new single storey three-bedroom dwelling’).

Submit the application

  • The owner can submit the application and link other people to the building project (e.g. subcontractors).
  • An agent can lodge the application on behalf of the owner (and may choose to link the owner or manage the process completely on their behalf).
  • The applicant is responsible for identifying which portions of the Building Code the project will comply with.
  • The applicant will receive an email confirming that the application has been submitted.

You can choose the property you need to consent using our property selection tool. The tool is especially handy in recent subdivisions. It also: 

  • Enables accurate identification of the property the building consent applies to, via selection of an address and/or selection from Google Maps
  • Displays Council parcel data
  • Enables you to select the relevant parcel(s) for an address
  • Ensures upload of a valid certificate of title for each parcel
  • Provides a “building over boundary” indicator

Manage required documents

  • Upload files to the correct folder (e.g. certificate of title into the certificate of title folder).
    • Upload easement docs under certificate of title.
    • Council does accept A1 plans. We can accept anything as long as it’s electronic and the file size is under 1GB.
  • Lodged plans are required.  If these are not included, the application will fail vetting.
  • When submitting an RFI be sure to send the revised drawings only (i.e those that relate specifically to proposed response).
  • A copy of the building consent and approved plans must be held on site at all times. This is the applicant’s responsibility.

Objective Build

Objective Build banner

Applying for a building consent with Tauranga City Council is much easier now we have switched to the new online system called Objective Build.

This system has been designed in consultation with hundreds of architects, designers, builders and industry professionals across New Zealand specifically to improve your experience with our team.

We’ve been working closely with Western Bay of Plenty District Council to give our shared customers the same, user-friendly experience. Head to www.westernbay.govt.nz to learn more about how they use Objective Build.

Getting started with Objective Build

The Objective Build consent application platform covers all parts of the building consent process.

Through your personal dashboard, you’ll be able to see your consent’s progress, respond to requests for information (RFI), and apply for a Code Compliance Certificate (CCC), a Certificate of Acceptance (COA) or an amendment.

Once you have an Objective Build account, your dashboard will also show any other consents you have lodged with other Councils using Objective Build, including Waitaki, Masterton, Carterton, Central Hawkes Bay, Hutt City, South Waikato and Western Bay of Plenty.

Tutorials and helpful links

The team at Objective Build have created some helpful resources to help you get familiar with the new system. 

Help and support

For help and support, you can contact the dedicated Objective support team available Monday – Friday, 8.30am – 6pm. 
Email build.support@objective.com or call 0800 024 508.

Frequently asked questions

It’s easier to apply for building consents

  • All of your applications made with Objective Build will be visible through a single logon, irrespective of which council they are lodged with.
  • You can also apply for a Code of Compliance Certificate (CCC), a Certificate of Acceptance (COA), Project Information Memorandums (PIM) and more.

Keep your team in the loop

  • Give your team access to view consents, track their status and be notified of relevant updates.
  • You can add and remove people to your organisation.

Track the status of a consent and receive updates

  • See exactly where a consent is in the process, as well as any outstanding actions for all parties. Get updates as things change on a consent, helping to avoid delays and keep you updated.
  • Respond to Requests for Information (RFIs)
  • Manage all communication with the councils directly from Objective Build, including responding to RFIs.
  • Get updates of new RFIs and see the details in status screen. Reply and upload any supporting information all in a single place, with the data going instantly to council when you hit submit.


  • Use collaboration tools to make different team members the primary owner for set stages (for example, the builder on site as the key contact for inspections) so that everyone involved is kept informed.
  • If people go away or on leave, their consents are visible in the system, avoiding lost time and information silos. 

Contact and document libraries

  • Create a library of your most common consents and use them as templates to save time.
  • Save key contacts to add to applications without need to enter their details again. You can create templates for several document types, from wood burners through to standardised plans you offer.

Yes, the processes in Objective Build have been tailored to the New Zealand Building Code and meet our local requirements. The Objective Build system has already been through the Building Consenting Authority Accreditation process.

Yes, they just need to make an account, and you can give them access to see where the building consent is at. This would be particularly useful for trades people.

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