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Change your kerbside bin size

Get the right space for your waste – smaller and larger bin bundles

Households are now able to change their bin bundle size to suit the needs of their household. Each household was issued with a standard bin size bundle when the service started in 2021 and can now choose from two alterative options, the low waste bundle or high waste bundle.

Requests to change your bin size may only be done once every six months by the property’s ratepayer via our online portal or by phoning the contact centre. For more information, see our Changing Bin Size Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement.

Request a rubbish or recycling service online

Bin bundles available:

Low waste rubbish and recycling bin

Standard waste rubbish and recycling bins

High waste rubbish and recycling bins

Frequently asked questions

Only ratepayers can change their bin size, those who rent a property will need to contact their landlord to request a change.

Only ratepayers (or those authorised by a ratepayer) can change their bin size. Please note: 

  • You will need your Customer Number and Valuation Number handy (found on your property or water rates invoice)
  • The registration form is not compatible with Internet Explorer so please use an alternative browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to sign up instead. Alternatively, contact us to register

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You can only change your rubbish and recycling bins. Food scraps and glass bin sizes cannot be changed; however, an additional food scraps or glass bin can be purchased.

There are three bin size bundle options to choose from:

  • Small bin bundle includes fortnightly collections of an 80L rubbish wheelie bin, 140L recycling wheelie bin, 45L glass bin and weekly collections of a 23L food scraps bin.  Suitable for low waste producing households.
  • Standard bin bundle includes fortnightly collections of a 140L rubbish wheelie bin, 240L recycling wheelie bin, 45L glass bin and weekly collections of a 23L food scraps bin. Suitable for average waste households.
  • Large bin bundle includes fortnightly collections of a 240L rubbish wheelie bin, 240L recycling wheelie bin, 45L glass bin and weekly collections of a 23L food scraps bin. Suitable for high waste households.

The kerbside service is rates-funded – changes in costs due to changing bin sizes will be included in your residential rates invoice. 

The current standard bin bundle that all households were issued in 2021 as part of the new kerbside collection, currently costs $235 (2023-2024 rates year).

The two new bin bundles are available for those who need a slightly bigger or smaller bin. Bin size change is currently closed and will be reopening on 3 April 2023, once open rate payers can change their bin size and will be charged in the next rates year.

  • The small bin bundle cost $200*
  • The large bin bundle cost $340*

*The above costs are for the current financial year and are subject to change for the next rating year.

No, to be able to swap bin sizes you will need to choose from one of the three bin bundle options. E.g. a household can’t swap the 240L recycling bin to a 140L recycling bin, and retain the 140L rubbish bin (current size).

No, once you have changed your bin size bundle, you will be automatically signed up for this option for all following rates years, unless you change your bin size bundle again.

You can only change your bin size once every six months.

To minimise waste, your new bin/s will likely be a sanitised second-hand bin, or we will swap the lid of one of your existing bins. For example, your existing 140L rubbish bin may be turned into your 140L recycling bin by swapping the lid from red to yellow.

No, this will be your responsibility to rinse your rubbish bin before it is turned into a recycling bin. Please wash bins on the grass to avoid polluting the storm water drains. 

If you have individual bins and your household has an individual rating number, you can change your bin size via our online portal or by calling the contact centre. All other multi-unit dwellings, such as those with shared bins and one rating number cannot change their bin size.

Bin delivery frequently asked questions

As your bin must be on the kerbside in an empty state on your bin swap day, we ask that you store your rubbish and/or recycling elsewhere. The swap will be scheduled after your next rubbish collection so you don’t have to empty your rubbish bin yourself leading up to your bin swap day.

Rubbish can be stored in plastic bags for relocation into your new bin when it arrives. Recycling can be stored or taken to the Te Maunga Transfer Station, where it can be disposed of free of charge. For more information on opening hours, locations and what can be taken to our transfer stations, visit Transfer stations.

Please let us know in advance if you are going to be away so we can reschedule your swap. If your bins are not out on the kerbside on your bin swap day, or are full of rubbish and recycling, we will not be able to swap them.

In this case your request will be cancelled and you will have to log a new request through the ‘Request a rubbish or recycling service online’ link at the top of this page. 

Alternatively you can contact Council to check if it has been cancelled and they can log a new request for you

It is only the ratepayer who can request the bins to be upsized or downsized, so please ensure you share the confirmation message you receive after submitting your request with the resident.

Please place your bin/s for swapping out the front of your property, not at your collection point at the nearest public road.

From the date the request is made bins will be swapped on the recycling collection day that occurs following your next normal rubbish collection day. Please ensure your bin(s) are left at the kerbside following your collection. If you are downsizing your bins, please ensure your recycling bin is also put out, empty, with your rubbish bin. You will receive an email with specific dates to ensure you do not miss your bin swap.

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