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Request a crate for a new property

Request a glass collection crate for a new property

Tauranga’s residential property rates include a kerbside glass collection service fee of $37 per annum. This will automatically be included in your rates invoice (issued on 1 July each year) and your new glass collection crate will automatically be delivered to your property. If you want your service to commence from 1 July – no action is required.

If you want your new glass collection crate delivered now, please pay the $37 annual service fee (for the remaining period to 1 July) and it will be delivered to your property within 14 days. Please allow for possible delays due to public holiday and council office closures.

If you have any issues with completing this form, please call us on 07 577 7000 for assistance.

Property search

Search for your property using one of the four options below.


Street address - just enter the number, letter and name of the street and select from the drop-down menu (don't enter the word "road", "street", etc) e.g. 91 WILLOW not 91 WILLOW STREET.

Road - enter the name of the road only e.g. WILLOW not WILLOW STREET.

Valuation Number – enter the valuation number with no spaces.

Legal Description - enter DPS number and lot number into the required fields.

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