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What can be recycled

Paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and containers numbered 1, 2 and 5, and food and drink cans

The following items are currently accepted for free for recycling at our Transfer Stations, or can be collected from the kerbside as part of the rates funded kerbside collection in your yellow lid recycling bin:

  • Plastic bottles and containers numbered 1, 2 and 5 
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Food and drink cans (all steel, tin and aluminium cans)

Photo: Bale of plastic number 2 milk bottles ready for recycling


Glass bottles and jars are accepted for free for recycling at Te Maunga Transfer Station, or are collected by the Council through our kerbside collection service. Please rinse and remove lids before recycling.

Other glass like heatproof glass (broken Pyrex jug or mixing bowl), window glass, or lightbulbs should be wrapped in newspaper and go into your rubbish bin.

Photo: Daniel Hines/SunLive

Other items that can also be recycled for free at Te Maunga Transfer Station*

  • Gas bottles
  • Home appliances: fridges or freezers, ovens, dishwashers, microwaves, washing machines and clothes dryers
  • Desktop computer towers
  • Metals
  • Mobile phones with batteries 
  • Oil (5 x 4 litre packs - up to 20 litres max). Waste oil is collected at the waste pit (located at the waste drop off area within the transfer station – separate to the recycling centre). If you bring the oil as part of a load containing waste, the whole load will be charged as waste.  For larger quantities or commercial operations please contact Transpacific Technical Services or Waste Petroleum Combustion Ltd. 
  • Household batteries that do not contain lithium (e.g. AA, AAA etc). Lithium batteries are unable to be recycled and are placed in landfill.

*Some items may not be accepted at the time of your visit due to market changes. Please phone ahead to check specific items by contacting the Transfer Station.


We can recycle TVs at our transfer stations for a fee of $35 per TV. We can also accept desktop computer towers for recycling at no charge. Screens, laptops, keyboards and mice can’t currently be recycled at our transfer stations, however there is a local company: Computer Recyclers that can recycle these.

TechCollect are also operating drop off points at participating Noel Leeming stores for the following items:

  • Computers, laptops and tablets,
  • Computer monitors (CRT and flat screen),
  • Desktop printers, copiers, scanners & multifunction printers,
  • Computer peripherals including mice, keyboards, cables and modems, 
  • Cameras and video cameras. 

Find your nearest store. Please note the secure destruction of any data on your devices is your responsibility before dropping off for recycling. To find out more on how to securely manage your personal data, read: Delete your data – TechCollect

At this stage, they are unable to accept the following items: Televisions (CRT and flat screens), white goods, consumer electronics, mobile phones, loose batteries, toner and ink cartridges. 

Car seats

We don’t currently recycle car seats at our transfer stations, however the SeatSmart programme has a collection site in Tauranga at Baby on the Move (435 Cameron Road, Ph: 07 575 7806), where you can take your seat to be recycled. The cost of recycling a seat is $25 incl GST . This will not only mean recyclable materials like metal and plastic don’t get wasted, it also helps employ people with disabilities as they use social enterprises to dismantle the seats. For more information visit www.seatsmart.co.nz or find us on Facebook.

Recycling tips

Download the comprehensive bin guide for a full list of items accepted in the rates funded Kerbside Collection service.

Download the kerbside educational brochure (428kb pdf)


  • Bottles and containers numbered 1, 2 and 5 can be recycled in your kerbside bin or at the transfer station
  • They need to be clean, empty, washed and have their lids off. Large lids such as an ice cream container lid can be recycled in your kerbside collection but must be loose, not fixed to the container
  • For plastics 3, 4,6 and 7,these will need to go into your red lid rubbish bin or be reused
  • You can find the plastic identification number inside the recycling triangle on the bottom of most bottles and containers
  • Some soft plastics e.g. produce bags, have plastic identification numbers on them however these can not be recycled in your kerbside recycling bin or at the transfer station
  • Soft plastics can be collected separately and taken to the Tauranga drop off location at Countdown Bethlehem. This scheme is managed by the NZ Soft Plastic recycling programme.

Paper and cardboard

  • Clean paper and cardboard only e.g. no food remaining on it
  • No staples, binding or cellotape
  • Shiny or matte, magazines are accepted
  • Paper towels can’t be recycled, even though they’re made of paper, place these in your food scraps bin for composting 
  • Tissues can not be recycled or composted, place these in your rubbish bin
  • No photocopy paper ream covers (the glossy plastic stuff)
  • Flatten cardboard boxes to reduce the space in the recycling bin

Tins and cans

  • These need to be clean and empty 
  • Fold sharp lids inside the can to keep our recycling sorters safe
  • Cans can either be squashed or placed whole into the recycling bin
  • Paper labels do not need to be removed before recycling as these are removed during the recycling process

Glass recycling

  • Clean glass bottles and jars only
  • Remove lids, small lids go in the rubbish bin, large jar lids can be placed in the yellow lid recycling bin
  • No broken glass, wrap this in paper and place in the rubbish bin
  • No cookware, drinking glasses, medicinal glass, cosmetic glass, or heatproof glass (e.g. vaping containers). These products  have a different melting point to normal food and beverage glass and reduce the quality of recycled glass
  • No light bulbs or fluorescent tubes, wrap these in paper and place in the rubbish bin
  • No window or mirror glass, wrap these in paper and place in the rubbish bin
  • Household glass can be placed in the blue kerbside recycling bin, excess glass can be taken for free to the transfer station and must be colour sorted.

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