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Where to park

Payment for parking is required in Tauranga city centre. There are some time restricted areas which are clearly signposted and the hourly rates can be found at our parking machines or on the PayMyPark app.

Dive Crescent car park temporary closure

To improve parking and amenity in this area we are upgrading the Dive Crescent off-street car park.

From 8 January to April 2023 this car park will be temporarily closed while redevelopment is underway.

Dive Crescent Car Park Upgrade

Berm Parking

Berm parking is prohibited between Eleventh Avenue and Marsh Street

On-street parking

Payment for on-street parking is required from 8am-6pm Monday to Saturday.

  • Hourly rates can be found on at our parking machines and on the PayMyPark app.
  • There are some P15, P30 and P60 time restrictions in the city centre which are clearly signposted. Payment is still required in these time restricted areas 8am-6pm Monday to Saturday. These areas are a daily limit so parking can only be purchased for these areas once a day per vehicle. 
  • Not all parking meters will accept cash – those that do are usually placed opposite cashless machines. This reduces maintenance costs and encourages cashless options like PayMyPark app and tap and go cards. 

Off-street car parks (all day)

Payment is required 8am-6pm Monday to Saturday, hourly rates can be found on at our parking machines and on the PayMyPark App.

  • Cliff Road
  • Dive Crescent - car park closed for redevelopment from 8 January to April 2023
  • Waterfront Strand (entry off Dive Crescent)
  • TV3 rooftop carpark (corner Durham and Wharf)
  • Masonic carpark (entry from Willow Street)

Parking buildings

Parking buildings are open 24/7. Hourly rates apply and are signposted at entries.

  • Elizabeth Street parking building (entrances on Elizabeth Street and First Avenue)
  • Spring Street parking building (entry on Durham Street)

Both parking buildings are free on weekends (6am Saturday – 6am Monday) and free on public holidays. If you enter a parking building after 3pm on a weekday, hourly rates apply up to a maximum charge of $5 (until 6am the next day).

Earthquake strengthening

We’re carrying out Precautionary earthquake strengthening on our parking buildings.  The parking buildings will remain open with traffic management in place.

City Centre Parking Map

City centre parking map (789kb pdf)

Frequently asked questions

Outside of the city centre paid parking area

Yes, both the parking machines and PayMyPark App allow you to top up your parking. Additional parking purchased is added onto existing time purchased. You can use the app anywhere and don’t have to be with your vehicle when you make a purchase. You can also use any machine to pay for parking or top up parking as long as it is in the same parking zone as you have parked (e.g. on street, off street, time restricted areas)

The P15, P30 and P60 apply 8am-6pm mon-sat.

Yes, all of these are offences and you are likely to receive a parking infringement.

We will have parking officers on patrol and use Licence Plate Recognition technology to identify and enforce parking offences.

  • Waterfront Strand (entry off Dive Crescent)
  • TV3 rooftop carpark (corner Durham Street and Wharf Street)
  • Dive Crescent
  • Cliff Road
  • Elizabeth Street Parking Building,Spring Street Parking Building (entry on Durham Street)

The on-street parking machines display a message to say ‘free parking – time restrictions apply’. You don't need to use the machines unless paying to park your car at the all-day off-street car parks: Cliff Road, Dive Crescent, Strand Waterfront or TV3 Rooftop.

The best options for all day parking are the parking buildings or the all day off-street car parks (above) .

  • Cliff Road car park ($6.00 per day) - closed and locked on weekends, public holidays and between 7pm - 7am weekdays. 
  • Dive Crescent car park ($7.50 per day) – open 24/7
  • Waterfront/The Strand car park ($12.00 per day) – open 24/7
  • TV3 rooftop car park ($12.00 per day) – open 24/7
  • Elizabeth Street parking building - open 24/7
  • Spring Street parking building - open 24/7

Leased parking

If you have any queries about leased parking or would like to apply for a leased car park please email info@carepark.co.nz or phone Care Park on (04) 805 0445 or 0800 227 372. Phones are monitored 24/7.

Paying for parking

Paperless parking machines and PayMyPark app

Full list of parking fees

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