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As-built information

Council requires As-Built information to be supplied for all infrastructural development or improvement works.

Council uses this information to update its records and asset management systems to provide the community with quality information. 

As-Built information is crucial to the efficient management, operation, maintenance and knowledge of each asset. The timeliness, consistency and accuracy of this information is essential. 

Councils As-Built Information requirements can be found in the following section of the Infrastructure Development Code (IDC): 

QA-6 As-Built information (302kb pdf)

Electronic As-Built information

As well as a hardcopy pdf plans, council requires electronic delivery of As-Built information. The following are provided to assist surveyors and engineers: 

Electronic As-Built Information guidelines (31kb pdf)

As-Built survey and co-ordinates table and electronic As-Built asset and attributes table will be provided shortly.

As-Built Software

Council’s preferred software for the provision of electronic as-built information for 3 Waters and Landscape/Parks assets is Blackbox22.

However, the provider of Blackbox22 is no longer supporting the software, so Council is investigating alternative options for providing as-built information.

Those with existing Blackbox22 licences can continue to use the software (our preference) but there is no ability to provide new or renewed activation keys for new Blackbox22 users or existing users who upgrade their devices.

For those who do not have a current Blackbox22 licence, the Asset Information Team have put together a ‘spreadsheets and shapefiles’ solution for 3 Waters assets for the short to medium term while Council considers other options. Note that this solution does not provide the validations that are within Blackbox22.

Please contact the Asset Information Team to access these spreadsheet templates.

This solution will also be available soon for Tree data. For all other Parks and Landscape asset types, almost all electronic information should be able to be submitted as detailed PDFs and shapefiles.

This is a temporary solution and may need tweaks over time, so please check with the Asset Information Team that you are using the most up to date spreadsheet template prior to submitting your as-built information.

When submitting your as-built information Council also requires:

  • Geospatial data - shapefiles are our preference
  • PDF plans (same as previously)
  • Please ensure each asset has a unique Asset Name as this is what will be used to link the spreadsheet information to the geospatial information.

Each spreadsheet has a data dictionary tab to help with any questions.

This is process is a work in progress, and we appreciate your patience as we work through options.

For questions about Councils as-built requirements, please contact the Asset Information Team, at Tauranga City Council.

As-Built Spreadsheets (Transportation assets)

Council requires road asset inventory data to be captured for all assets described in QA-6-3 (Provision of As-Builts).  Asset data is to be provided on the QA-6 TCC Transport Asset Data Form for loading into the Council asset information system.

The QA-6 TCC Transport Asset Data Dictionary defines the table and columns in the Asset Data Forms and contains useful information on how to complete the forms.

It is a Council requirement that the person/s collecting the data hold a current Waka Kotahi asset data collection Practitioner Level 1 qualification. The person’s name/s, certification number/s and expiry date/s are to be included on the Project Summary page of the Asset Data Forms.

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