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Transport plan

We’re working on a plan that will help prioritise, fund and deliver transport and land use over the next 30 years. This work is prompting questions like “what sort of city do we want to live in?”

Tauranga is the most car-reliant city in New Zealand. How much does that matter? What needs to change? 

From 25 September to 27 October we asked for your thoughts about the next 30 years. Your feedback will help determine what programmes and activities we invest in now and in the coming years, so we can respond to the challenges of growth and maintain Tauranga as a liveable, safe, productive and sustainable city in which to live, work, learn and play.

We’re also working on a Tauranga Cycle Plan through which we’re asking how we can get more people riding bikes.

Planning for the next 30 years

Tauranga’s population is predicted to grow to around 180,000 people and 50,000 new homes over the next 30 years. With this level of growth come challenges as well as opportunities. 

  • Increasing traffic on our key routes is affecting how we move around the city and may reduce our productivity.
  • The distance between the places where we work, learn, shop and play mean we have a high reliance on private vehicles. 
  • More people on foot and bikes are killed and injured at intersections in Tauranga than in other similar cities, having a significant impact on our communities.

We need to acknowledge the challenges that we’re facing so we can develop a transport network that:

  • enhances our lives
  • keeps us safe
  • and supports the productivity of our city.

What’s happening and next steps

Tauranga City Council, SmartGrowth, Bay of Plenty Regional Council, Western Bay of Plenty District Council, and the NZ Transport Agency are working together to develop a 30-year direction for the city’s transport network. Your feedback will help inform the recommended way forward, which will be presented to Tauranga City Council for approval in November 2017. 

Projects that result from the recommended programme will be consulted on individually through subsequent long term plans and annual plans.

Other transport projects

A number of transport projects to support growth that are already underway or well advanced in planning include the Western Bay of Plenty Public Transport Blueprint, SH2 Waihi to Tauranga project, Tauriko West Network Plan, SH2 Tauranga Northern Link and SH2 Bayfair to Baypark.

Tauranga City Council is working on a Cycle Plan, Network Operating Plan and a future parking strategy.

Last Reviewed: 27/10/2017


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