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Ratonga hapori

Community services

Our community development team was established to encourage strong, innovative and vibrant communities and support people working towards outcomes that they may not be able to achieve on their own.

We connect those who are working towards common goals and acts as a facilitator between the community and Council processes. The team works with communities to try to understand what their issues are and provide simple, honest and easily accessible ways for them to talk to us about their needs, aspirations and concerns. The community development team is responsible for the following activities:

Community Development Outcomes Report

Each year the Community Development Team produces a report to showcase the various projects, outcomes and outputs the team has achieved as well as celebrating the successes of various community groups we work with and the amazing work they are doing. Our annual reports reflect that together, as a community, we will strive to achieve wellbeing for all.

Community Development Outcomes Report 2022-23 (4.4mb pdf)
Community Development Outcomes Report 2021-22 (1.5mb pdf)
Community Development Outcomes Report 2020-21 (2.7mb pdf)
Community Development Outcomes Report 2019-20 (1.2mb pdf)

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