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Rōpū takawaenga Arataki

Arataki Community Liaison Group

The Arataki Community Liaison Group (ACLG) provides a forum where matters of community interest or concern can be discussed about projects impacting the Arataki area.

The ACLG is designed to help the community draw out issues and opportunities about council and government projects happening in the area. It is not a decision-making body.

This approach is all about bringing multiple perspectives to the table, so that the community, stakeholders, and decision-makers better understand each other and work together to find solutions.

Members of the ACLG

After receiving some excellent applications from very highly skilled and passionate community members back in October 2020, the following 12 individuals were selected as being able to most suitably represent the diverse communities within Arataki:

  • Ian Armstrong
  • Stephen Bird
  • Shelley Blakey
  • Megan Clarkin
  • David Henderson
  • Karen Laidlaw
  • Janie de Malmanche
  • Jill Parsons
  • Linda Thompson
  • John Waretini
  • Jo Wills

We also have great support from mana whenua, who will be crucial to helping us reach out to our communities and share valuable insight.

1 June 2021

The ACLG got together and worked on a draft submission for the 2021-31 Long-term Plan. They discussed their short, medium and long term priorities for the Arataki area and how their values could be reflected in these aspirations. It was a long brainstorming session with many emails from members who couldn’t make it as well as one dialling in remotely from out of town. They discussed the top six investment priorities for the next ten years and how they might impact the Arataki community and its environment. They used their local knowledge and insight to put together a submission reflecting their priorities and values as a group. They will be speaking to their submission on the morning of 16 June 2021-make sure you come along or tune in to the live stream to hear their thoughts!

25 May 2021

At this meeting we had some very special guests come along. We had a few members of the Make Arataki Safe Again group and the four Commissioners who came to chat about the Long-term Plan 2021-31 and how Arataki’s needs can be voiced within this process. There was great collaboration and sharing of values and some quality conversations with the Commissioners. Both groups were able to share some of their top concerns and priorities and had a lot in common. It was a great session to lay the foundation for their upcoming submission on the Long-term Plan.

16 March 2021

We held a closed session for the members of the ACLG to discuss their personal values and priorities they have for Arataki to see what they have in common and where they see the group heading. This was a great session with only the members of the ACLG and our Engagement Team in attendance to help facilitate. It uncovered some things we already knew like the importance of community, safety and open communication and learnt a few things as well like how much the members value their environment and how they see Arataki as a part of the bigger picture for the future of the city.
This session enabled us to create a ‘vision statement’ for the group that will help inform any future decisions or actions so that there is a shared set of guiding principles. This is being tweaked by the members to make sure it is an accurate representation of their aspirations for Arataki.

Equity There is strength in community voice. A power balance between ‘top-down & bottom-up’
Whanaungatanga The connection between people, families and community – together we can make a difference
A sense of place     The area I live is an extension of my home    
Respect The voice of the community has value    
Connection Recognition of the relationships between the people of Arataki, the council and the wider Tauranga area

2 February 2021

The first meeting of the ACLG in 2021 was a very full one! It had an update from Tauranga City Council’s Community Development Advisor for Safer Communities: Paul Mason on the recent Hui to help make Arataki safe again, a discussion around the recent updates on the Baylink Project by Waka Kotahi NZTA and how it might impact the Arataki community, an update on the short, medium and long term roading improvements to Matapihi, a more in-depth conversation on the upcoming city-wide speed limit review and how the community of Arataki can ensure their voice is heard and a detailed review of the Links Ave options that were presented to Council on 6 October 2020. If you would like more detail about what was discussed, you can read and sign up to future e-newsletters here.

Arataki Community Liaison Group – Speed Review and Matapihi Update
Arataki Community Liaison Group – Links Ave Summary
Arataki Community Liaison Group – Links Ave Summary Presentation

1 December 2020

The group had their first meeting on 1 December 2020 and the agenda included a 10-year forecast of projects impacting the Arataki area, a discussion on the nationwide speed limit review and its impact on Arataki and a discussion around operational matters. Bay of Plenty Regional Council and Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency were also there to speak to their projects and answer questions of the members. Below you can find links to the reports that were requested by the members and presentations shared on the night.

Arataki Community Liaison Group - Programme of Works (185kb pdf)
Arataki Community Liaison Group - Programme of Works Presentation (561kb pdf)
Arataki Community Liaison Group - Speed Limit Review (208kb pdf)
Arataki Community Liaison Group - Speed  Limit Review Presentation (613kb pdf)

A facilitated workshop was held on Tuesday, 27 October 2020 where our new members of the ACLG met each other and talked about how the new group would operate.

They agreed on some principles to work by which would help them develop supportive and respectful relationships within the group and with other service delivery agencies.

There was a general consensus around the benefits of listening to the community early and using that local insight to help influence decision-making.

If you would like to stay up to date with what is being discussed at the ACLG meetings, you can sign up to the Arataki E-newsletter or get in touch with one of the members on this Group so they can share your views.


Over the last 10 years, Arataki has transformed considerably. Bayfair has expanded, the population has grown with people moving to the Bay of Plenty and recent Bayfair to Baypark/State Highway 2 improvements have increased the volume of traffic passing through this area significantly.

These challenges have affected the community of Arataki and those who visit the area. We plan to deliver transport infrastructure that will support this growth by improving safety, convenience and journey times for people walking, biking, using mobility scooters and taking the bus.

Tauranga City Council, Bay of Plenty Regional Council and Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency have projects underway to improve the transport network in Arataki and Tauranga as a whole. Within this programme, the Arataki bus facility is one of the key projects with an aim to provide a safe, attractive and functional space for people to access public transport.

On 21 July 2020, the Urban Form and Transport Committee received a report on the Arataki bus facility. A resolution was made to “Engage with a joint stakeholder reference group and broader community on the multi-modal options and their implications for transport facilities in the Arataki area”. The Arataki Community Liaison Group will be the platform for these discussions. 

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  • September 2020
    Open to receive expressions of interest from the public (28 Sep)
  • 27 October 2020
    Facilitated workshop held for members
  • 1 December 2020
    First Meeting of ACLG
  • 2 February 2021
    ACLG meeting
  • 16 March 2021
    ACLG values and priorities workshop
  • 25 May 2021
    Joint meeting with the Make Arataki Safe Again group and the Commissioners
  • 1 June 2021
    Meeting to draft LTP submission
  • 16 June 2021
    ACLG Speak to their submission at LTP Hearings




On 21 July 2020, the Urban Form and Transport Committee received a report on the Arataki bus facility. A resolution was made to “Engage with a joint stakeholder reference group and broader community on the multi-modal options and their implications for transport facilities in the Arataki area”. The Arataki Community Liaison Group was formed to provide a different lense about matters impacting the Arataki area.

The ACLG will not be the only link to the community and your local Councillors and the TCC Customer Services Team are still the best way to share your views. This group will be an additional method of connecting with the community.

While the ACLG are still refining their operational details, the meetings will be transparent and the topics for discussion will be shared.

If you would like to present at one of the meetings held by the ACLG, please contact us on haveyoursay@tauranga.govt.nz. We will be providing updates on the topics discussed at each meeting in the Arataki e-newsletter. If you have not already, you can subscribe to the e-newsletter now. 

This is a pilot group which we will be reassessing after 12 months.

In this context, Arataki is considered to be the geographical area within the boundary of Golf Road to Sandhurst Drive and Maunganui Road/SH2 to Oceanbeach Road. Note: click the image below to view it in a larger size.

Arataki area map

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