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AIPs - o namata, kua whakakorehia hoki

AIPs - existing and rescinded

The action and investment plans (AIPs) listed below are existing strategies and plans that will be superseded by AIPs currently under development, along with a list of those that have already been superseded and rescinded. 

Rescinded strategies and plans are no longer in effect, but are retained on this page for transparency.

Age friendly city

The Age-Friendly City Strategy has been developed from community discussions where older people identified issues for improvement. It is expected that this will lead the way to building liveable communities where people can ‘age-inplace.

Age-Friendly Strategy - September 2013 - 2023 (3.9mb pdf)

Aquatic Network Strategy

The 2001 Aquatic Strategy was developed to guide the provision of swimming pool facilities in Tauranga

Aquatic Network Strategy 2012 - 2022 (540kb pdf)

Arts and Culture Strategy

Our vision is for a vibrant and inclusive Tauranga City and Western Bay of Plenty region, where our shared history with tangata whenua is acknowledged, our creative industries thrive and prosper, and our diverse community is valued and enriched by arts and cultural experiences – everyday, for everyone.

Arts and Culture Strategy 2018 - 2021

City Safety Action Plan

City Safety Action Plan 2018

Disability Strategy

The strategy is a long term plan for the City to optimize inclusion, opportunity and independence for people living with impairments.

Disability Strategy 2013 (94kb pdf)

Our Community Places Strategy

Our Community Places is a Strategy that recognises and guides Tauranga City Council’s contribution to the provision, management and use of community facilities in Tauranga.

Our Community Places Strategy 2008 (1.1mb pdf)

Open Space Strategy 

A strategy to protect, develop and enhance a network of open spaces

Open Space Strategy 2012 (6mb pdf)

Smart Economy Strategy

Provides a focus on the sub-regional economy, which is an integral part of successful growth management for the western Bay of Plenty sub-region.

Smart Economy Strategy 2012 (826kb pdf)

Sport and Active Living Strategy

Increasing participation in sport and active living opportunities is the key focus of Tauranga City’s Sport and Active Living Strategy.

Sport and Active Living Strategy 2012 (673kb pdf)

Stormwater Strategy for the BOP 2005

This Stormwater Strategy (SS) outlines the stormwater issues confronting the Bay of Plenty region. It will assist the region’s Territorial Authorities (TAs) by providing a framework they can use to produce their own localised stormwater strategies and action plans

Stormwater Strategy for the BOP 2005

Tauranga Western Bay Safer Communities strategic plan 2020-2025

This strategy focuses on key safety areas relating to injury prevention, crime prevention, violence prevention, community wellbeing and addiction related harm.

Tauranga Western Bay Safer Communities strategic plan 2020-2025

Toi Moana Arts and Culture Strategy

This is an over-arching strategy to unlock the potential of the creative sector and grow the economy to make the Tauranga city more globally competitive

Toi Moana Arts and Culture Strategy 2018 - 2021 (5mb pdf)

Urban Design Strategy 

Recognises and promotes high quality urban design. In conjunction with a range of national, regional, sub-regional and city based strategies, the Urban Design Strategy guides and support the future development and redevelopment of Tauranga.

Urban Design Strategy 2006 (5mb pdf)

Vegetation and Tree Management

The Vegetation Management Strategy – ‘Growing Tauranga Green’ is necessary for Council to establish why, what, when and where attention will be given to integrated vegetation management and to set priorities for vegetation management in the city.

Vegetation and Tree Management (5.1mb pdf)

Strategies and plans superseded or recently rescinded

City Centre Spatial Framework 2018
City Centre Strategy 2012
Elder's Strategysuperseded by Age Friendly Strategy 2013-2023
Smart Tourism 2006 superseded by Visitor Economy Strategy and Te Ha Tapoi – Tourism Strategy
Tauranga Transport Strategy 2012-2042 – superseded by Western Bay Transport System Plan 2021
Tauranga Urban Strategy (draft 2018) – superseded by Connected Centres Programme 2020 and Our Public Places Strategic Plan (under development)

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