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Tōmua i te hanganga

Before you build

Council is responsible for issuing building consents in Tauranga.

Development Contributions

Development contributions may be required to be paid on both subdivision consents and land use consents. Council adopted a new development contributions policy which will apply to all consents lodged on or after 1 July 2023.

More information on Development Contributions

The area extends from Bethlehem in the north where there are significant new developments, to the new growth areas of Pyes Pa in the west and east to Papamoa and the new developments planned for Wairakei.

A building consent is a formal approval to undertake building work at a specific site in accordance with approved plans and specifications and is required for all work involving construction, alteration, demolition and maintenance of new or existing buildings.  A building consent establishes that your planned building work complies with the Building Act 2004 and the building code. 

Council carries out inspections during construction, issue code compliance certificates, issue notices to fix, provide project information memoranda (PIM) and land information memoranda (LIM). 

Building and resource consent applications can be complex. We recommend that you engage an experienced professional to help with design work, drawings and specifications.

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