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Building our future. Cameron Road, Te Papa

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Tauranga is growing fast. Over the next 30 years, 15,000 more people will be living on the Te Papa peninsula.

That means we need to start work now to transform the area into a place where more people can live, work, study and provide more ways to move around. Cameron Road is one of our city’s main arteries, connecting people in Tauranga’s southern suburbs to the city centre. It is an important through route and a destination for many with schools, businesses and the hospital being located along it. As our city continues to grow, this key route will become even more important. This is why we need to make changes now. We’re working with our regional and central Government partners, local residential and business communities and tangata whenua to ensure we get it right. The future starts now, but it’s going to take time!

Construction at Fifteenth Avenue and Cameron Road intersection

From Tuesday, 10 January, the Cameron Road Joint Venture team will begin work at the Fifteenth Avenue and Cameron Road intersection. Work will take place on the two corners on the northern side of the intersection (SH2 corner and Tauranga Boys' College). Road users are advised to be prepared for traffic delays during construction in this area, please allow extra time and plan your journey accordingly. Regular updates will be provided here.

Latest road closure information

Creating connected communities

We have been working with the community to develop a 30-year plan for Te Papa peninsula that will provide greater housing choices, safe and efficient transport options, local amenities and the infrastructure needed to support healthy and connected communities now and in the future.

The transforming of Cameron Road is the first project on the path to bringing this plan to life. It aligns with our city’s wider strategies, including the Urban Form Transport Initiative and Western Bay of Plenty Transport System Plan that have been endorsed by Council.

Te Papa community requests.

Project delivery

This project has been broken into three stages:

Stage one - is from Harington Street to the hospital, the planning and construction for this has been funded by Central Government.

Stage two - is from the hospital to Barkes Corner, and the funding for developing a business case and design was included in the grant from Central Government. We’ll be asking for your input in 2022.

Stage three - a long-term goal (pending funding) will create a connection from Barkes Corner to Tauranga Crossing in Tauriko. There are no set dates for this stage.

Related projects

Building our future – Cameron Road, Te Papa is part of Council's wider strategic objectives to support the city's rapid growth.

The Te Papa Spatial Plan sets the strategic direction for growth in the area from Greerton to the city centre over the next 30 years. It addresses our key challenges of population growth and housing choice, infrastructure pressure, transport options, cultural wellbeing and the local amenities needed to support our communities. It outlines the overall approach, priority areas of focus, anticipated benefits and required actions.

Between 2020 and 2024, one of the key priorities will be the planning for and delivery of key transport infrastructure to link with the wider city through stage one and two of the Cameron Road Multimodal Project and city centre interventions.

Learn more about the spatial plan

We are working with SmartGrowth, Bay of Plenty Regional Council, Western Bay of Plenty District Council and Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency to develop a 30-year plan for the city’s transport network called the Tauranga Transport System Plan. This aims to make it easier to move around our city with a strong focus on giving people better transport options.

Right now, the rules in place for residential land make it hard for people to build more compact types of homes like duplexes and apartments. This means we're not using land as effectively as possible to accommodate our growth, and our community currently has a limited choice to build types of homes that may better suit their needs.

We are proposing changes to the Tauranga City Plan to allow people to build different types of dwellings more easily, that create both great spaces to live in and great neighbourhoods.

Learn more about the proposed changes

We are also working closely with the team implementing the Tauranga Cycle Plan. They are working towards building a connected network of cycleways throughout the city that cater to all ages and abilities. This will provide additional and safer options for people to get to around the city, whether it’s to get to work, school, exercise or take a ride with friends and family.

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We are now working on a plan to transform the area of Cameron Road between 17th Avenue and Te Ranga.


  • Engagement with the partners, mana whenua and the local community, businesses and residents along Cameron Road Stage 1

    2018 to 2021
  • Tauranga City Council secures a $45m grant from Central Government for Stage 1

    August 2020
  • Construction commences for Stage 1 (Harington Street to 17th Avenue)

    April 2021
  • Engagement with the community on Cameron Road Stage 2

    April to March 2023
  • Development and assessment of options for Stage 2

    April 2023
  • Finalise Business Case - Stage 2

    Mid 2023
  • Completion of Stage 1 construction

    End of 2023
  • Detailed Design – Stage 2 (if funding successful)

  • Construction – Stage 2 (if funding successful)

    Starts mid-2024


Document library

Ahi Kaa – Part 1 (Inamata, Onamata and Anamata) (24mb pdf)
Ahi Kaa – Part 2 (Te Ahi) (16mb pdf)
Open Day posters (6.28mb pdf)
Detailed design plan (23.8mb pdf)
Summary of Engagement (1mb pdf)
Cameron Road Engagement Report (4.9mb pdf)

Latest news


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We are now working on a plan to transform the area of Cameron Road between 17th Avenue and Te Ranga.

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We’re partnering with

Local Iwi/Hapū

We began our conversation with the Tangata Whenua Collective in February 2018, talking with them about our study to improve provisions for public transport, walking and cycling through the Cameron Road corridor. In early 2020 the project team began to engage with local hapū Ngai Tamarawaho and Ngati Tapu. We are looking to them for further collaboration and guidance on this project from a placemaking perspective and for how cultural aspects can be brought into the design process.

Community Liaison Group

The Community Liaison Group is made up of a group of representatives from the business community, residents, landowners and schools that are in the area of Stage one of this project. The importance of the Community Liaison Group (CLG) is to help make sure that this community is kept up-to-date and well informed about stage one of the project. This group of 30 is helping the project design team through concept design into detailed design working through localised concerns, and developing ideas and solutions.

Other stakeholders

Council is working closely with representatives from the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, Bay of Plenty Regional Council, University of Waikato, Emergency services (St John’s Ambulance, NZ Fire Service and Emergency, NZ Police), Disability Advisory Group, Age Friendly, Youth Advisory Group, Bay of Plenty District Health Board, Automobile Association, Road Transport Association, National Road Carriers, Cycle Action Tauranga, NZ Bus, an active bus user, Priority One, Environment and Sustainability Forum, Smartgrowth, Living Streets Aotearoa, Ministry of Education and Tauranga City Councillors.

The Councillors for the Te Papa/Welcome Bay Ward and the Chair and Deputy Chair of the Urban Form and Transport Committee are stakeholders in this group.

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