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Council committees

The mayor and councillors are involved in a variety of committees in Tauranga City Council, each with its own focus area and purpose.

The rules and procedures under which meetings are conducted are explained in the Standing Orders. 

Governance Structure and Terms of Reference Manual (907kb pdf) 
Standing orders (538kb pdf)

Everyone is welcome to attend Council and committee meetings. Meetings are usually held in Council Chambers at 91 Willow Street, Tauranga.

Council and committee meetings are open to the public unless there is a reason to consider items in ‘public excluded’. These items are confidential and members of the public and press will be asked to leave the room until discussion is completed.

A brief description of each committee, its purpose and chairs is available below. For the full details, please refer to the Terms of Reference Manual.

Tauranga City Council standing committees


  • To ensure the effective and efficient governance of the city
  • To enable leadership of the city including advocacy and facilitation on behalf of the community.

Chair: Mayor Greg Brownless

Deputy Chair: Cr Kelvin Clout


  • To ensure that Tauranga’s urban form supports economic and social vibrancy
  • To enable Tauranga’s urban centres to thrive and provide a sense of place.
  • To enable the development of a vibrant, safe and successful city centre
  • To ensure that council and partner investments in Tauranga’s built environment are economically and environmentally resilient.


  • Development and oversight of urban centres strategies, neighbourhood plans and master-plans
  • Development and oversight of the Compact City programme in support of higher development densities and the provision of a greater range of housing options.
  • Leadership of plans for the city centre, including the Heart of the City programme
  • Development of City Plan changes and related matters for adoption by Council

Strategic priorities – City Transformation Committee

Chair: Cr Larry Baldock

Deputy Chair: Cr Kelvin Clout


  • To enable safe, healthy, reliable and sustainable movement across the city
  • To ensure transport networks and assets enable economic opportunities.
  • To enable the development of a vibrant, safe and successful city centre
  • To ensure journey times across the city remain reliable.
  • To ensure an appropriate balance between freight and people movements.


  • Development of plans and investment options to increase public transport use, walking and cycling.
  • Development of strategic investment partnerships that enhance external land transport connectivity.
  • Development of plans and partnerships for the efficient and effective management of Tauranga’s transport networks and assets.
  • Recommend transport network and asset investment priorities to Council.

Strategic priorities – Transport Committee

Chair: Cr Rick Curach

Deputy Chair: Cr Terry Molloy


  • To ensure Tauranga’s environment and the services it provides are protected and enhanced
  • To ensure water quality and availability are efficiently, equitably and sustainably managed.
  • To ensure resilience to and appropriate management of environmental risks
  • To enable an efficient and sustainable approach to resource management and recovery.


  • Consideration of strategic environmental and resource management issues.
  • Development of climate change and environmental resilience strategies.
  • Development of strategies, plans and programmes for efficient and sustainable waste minimisation and resource recovery.
  • Development of efficient and sustainable approaches to the management of the ‘three waters’
  • Development of council’s approach to air quality.
  • Developing understanding and partnerships in respect of Tangata Whenua environmental interests.

Strategic priorities – Environment Committee

Chair: Cr Steve Morris

Deputy Chair: Cr Kelvin Clout


  • To ensure social and cultural diversity and heritage are recognised and celebrated
  • To enable a socially inclusive, vibrant and happy city.
  • To ensure Tauranga’s community assets and spaces can be enjoyed by everyone
  • To ensure Council is meeting the changing needs of our communities.


  • Overseeing the provision and enhancement of community assets, facilities and spaces.
  • Enhancing community development partnerships with social sector partners and Tangata Whenua.
  • Engaging communities on issues of importance to Council, the community and the city.
  • Participation in partnerships to address community issues and social inclusion.
  • Supporting arts, heritage and community events.
  • Developing recommendations on investment options for new community and cultural assets.
  • Developing positions on the adoption, modification or rescinding of community bylaws and policies.

Strategic priorities – Community and Culture Committee

Chair: Cr Terry Molloy

Deputy Chair: Cr Leanne Brown


  • To enable a city of talent, innovation and economic opportunities
  • To ensure Tauranga can compete, connect and collaborate internationally.
  • To enable inward investment in strategic economic assets
  • To ensure Council’s delivery models enable inward investment and effective delivery.


  • Overseeing Council’s strategic approach to economic development and the visitor economy.
  • Maximising the strategic and economic value of key city assets.
  • Developing Digital/Smart City opportunities to realise economic and social benefits and enable effective management of Tauranga’s assets and networks.
  • Developing investment propositions for strategic economic assets (e.g. Tertiary Campus, Marine Precinct, i-sites)
  • Developing and facilitating public, private sector and Iwi co-investment and inward investment opportunities.
  • Developing options for delivery models that enable co-investment and asset managements.
  • Developing Council’s approach to the future of local government
  • Developing Council’s Brand and Communications strategies

Strategic priorities – Economic Development and Investment

Chair: Cr Max Mason

Deputy Chair: Cr Kelvin Clout


  • To ensure that the Council is delivering on agreed outcomes
  • To ensure that the Council is managing risk in an appropriate manner.


  • Monitoring performance against the approved Long Term Plan and Annual Plan
  • Overseeing the development of the Council’s Annual Report
  • Overseeing the development of financial and treasury management strategies and policies
  • Considering and approving external audit arrangements and receiving Audit reports
  • Consider the outcome of internal and external audit reviews
  • Advise Council on matters of finance and risk and provide objective advice and recommendations for its consideration.
  • Consider matters which are related to the quality assurance and internal controls in Council and ensure the financial management practices and processes comply with the Local Government Act 2002, other relevant legislation and Council’s own policies
  • Consider, monitor and recommend (where appropriate) in respect to Council’s interest in CCOs
  • Consider all matters regarding the Local Government Funding Agency (LGFA)
  • Monitor key activities, projects and services (without operational interference in the services) in order to better inform the members and the community about key Council activities and issues that arise in the operational arm of the Council

Strategic priorities – Audit, Finance, Risk and Monitoring Committee

Chair: Cr Kelvin Clout

Deputy Chair: Cr John Robson


  • To ensure that the Council is being managed responsibility and to deliver the expected performance.


  • Review the Chief Executive’s performance
  • To negotiate terms and conditions of the CE’s employment including any performance agreement measures and annual remuneration in accordance with the Chief Executive’s Employment Agreement.

Chair: Mayor Greg Brownless

Deputy Chair: Cr Kelvin Clout


  • To enable effective decision making with regards to City and Private Plan Changes and other regulatory matters, through specific hearings and decision making.


  • City Plan Changes
  • Private Plan Changes
  • Other regulatory matters including (but not limited to) dog control matters and matters arising from the exercise of Council’s enforcement functions.

Chair: Cr Steve Morris

Deputy Chair: Cr Larry Baldock


  • To consider applications and matters as set out in the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012.


  • Hear and/or determine matters of a quasi-judicial nature in accordance with the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012.
  • Undertake all functions, duties and obligations as set out in the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 relevant to the District Licensing Committee

District Licensing Committee 1: Murray Clearwater

District Licensing Committee 2: Mary Dillon

District Licensing Committee 3: Robert Cross

Rapua te huarahi whanui hei ara whakapiri i nga iwi e rua i te whakaaro kotahi

Seek the broad highway that will unite the two peoples toward a common goal

Role and scope

  • To forge an ongoing effective and meaningful partnership between the Tauranga City Council and Tangata Whenua.
  • To facilitate meaningful understanding of future impacts on key issues affecting Tangata Whenua and Mäori that Council can influence.

Functions and key tasks

  • To bring to the other partner’s attention issues / concerns in respect of existing strategy or policy.
  • To exchange information of mutual interest.
  • To discuss new initiatives approaches and directions.
  • Agree agenda topics for the following 3 consecutive meetings.


Tauranga City Council and "nga hapu me nga iwi o Tauranga Moana" representing Tangata Whenua within the Tauranga City Council rohe (boundaries). Tangata Whenua representatives are to be those with signed hapu protocols. One of the six Tangata Whenua representatives is to be a Kaumatua. Kaumatua representation is to have the ability to be shared between two Kaumatua if required.


To ensure Wastewater operations are in accordance with the Wastewater Management Review Committee Management Plan.

Chair: Cr Kelvin Clout

Deputy Chair TBC

The Committee has a membership of eight, four of whom are TCC Elected Members and four who are appointed as representatives of the Ngati Ranginui and Te Runanga o Ngaiterangi Iwi Trust and two members as representatives of the Nga Potiki Kaitiaki Resource Management Unit.

Joint committees

For details of membership, role and scope see the Governance Structure and Terms of Reference Manual above

Last Reviewed: 17/12/2018

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