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Kōmiti kaunihera

Council committees

Each council committee has its own focus areas and purpose.

Crown Commission

On 9 February 2021, a Crown Commission appointed by the Minister of Local Government took over all of the council’s governance responsibilities, initially for a term until October 2022.

The Commission’s initial appointment was expected to conclude at the October 2022 local government elections, but Local Government Minister Nanaia Mahuta has reappointed the existing four commissioners for a new commission term running from 26 April 2022 through until July 2024, when the next local election for Tauranga City Council will be held. 


Standing and special committees Joint committees Advisory groups Panels
Strategy, Finance and Risk Committee BOP Civil Defence and Emergency Management Group Ngā Poutiriao ō Mauao Regulatory Hearings Panel
District Licensing Committee Public Transport Committee Tauranga Moana Advisory Group City Plan Hearings Panel
Tangata Whenua Committee Regional Transport Committee Waiāri Kaitiaki Advisory Group  
Wastewater Management Review Committee SmartGrowth Leadership Group Matariki Southern Pipeline Advisory Group  
  Te Maru o Kaituna River Authority    
  Tauranga Public Transport Joint Committee    


The rules and procedures under which meetings are conducted are explained in the Standing Orders.

Council Governance Structure 2022 (127kb pdf)
Governance Structure and Terms of Reference Manual (1.3mb pdf) 
Standing orders (538kb pdf)

From the start of 2022, Monday Council meetings are being held at Bay of Plenty Regional Council’s Chambers at Regional House, 1 Elizabeth Street. Other regular committee meetings will take place in the Ground Floor meeting room at our offices at 306 Cameron Road.

Council and committee meetings are open to the public unless there is a reason to consider items in ‘public excluded’. These items are confidential and members of the public and press will be asked to leave the room until discussion is completed.

A brief description of each committee, its purpose and chairs is available below. For the full details, please refer to the Terms of Reference Manual.

Tauranga City Council standing committees

  • To ensure the effective and efficient governance of the city
  • To enable leadership of the city including advocacy and facilitation on behalf of the community.

Chair: Commissioner Anne Tolley

  • To consider applications and matters as set out in the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012.
  • Hear and/or determine matters of a quasi-judicial nature in accordance with the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012.
  • Undertake all functions, duties and obligations as set out in the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 relevant to the District Licensing Committee


Commissioner Andrew Baker
Commissioner Murray Clearwater
Commissioner Beverley Edlin 
Commissioner David Stewart

List Members    

Graeme Cushing
Matire Duncan
Turapaki 'Joe' Gardiner
Alan Tate

Rapua te huarahi whanui hei ara whakapiri i nga iwi e rua i te whakaaro kotahi

Seek the broad highway that will unite the two peoples toward a common goal

Role and scope
  • To forge an ongoing effective and meaningful partnership between the Tauranga City Council and Tangata Whenua.
  • To facilitate meaningful understanding of future impacts on key issues affecting Tangata Whenua and Mäori that Council can influence.
Functions and key tasks
  • To bring to the other partner’s attention issues / concerns in respect of existing strategy or policy.
  • To exchange information of mutual interest.
  • To discuss new initiatives approaches and directions.
  • Agree agenda topics for the following 3 consecutive meetings.

Tauranga City Council and "nga hapu me nga iwi o Tauranga Moana" representing Tangata Whenua within the Tauranga City Council rohe (boundaries). Tangata Whenua representatives are to be those with signed hapu protocols. One of the six Tangata Whenua representatives is to be a Kaumatua. Kaumatua representation is to have the ability to be shared between two Kaumatua if required.

Independent chairperson:  Mr Anthony Fisher
Deputy chairperson:  Commission Chair Anne Tolley

Tauranga City Council members    

Commission Chair Anne Tolley
Commissioner Shadrach Rolleston
Commissioner Stephen Selwood
Commissioner Bill Wasley

Tangata Whenua members

6 members from the Tauranga Moana Tangata Whenua Collective    

Ms Matire Duncan
Mr Puhirake Ihaka
Mr Nathan James
Ms Destiny Leaf
Mr Whitiora McLeod
Mr Buddy Mikaere


To ensure Wastewater operations are in accordance with the Wastewater Management Review Committee Management Plan.

Chair: Ms Lara Burkhardt - Ngā Pōtiki

Deputy Chair: Commissioner Bill Wasley

While these roles are separately appointed it is the intention that they act as co-chairs.


Commissioner Stephen Selwood (Tauranga City Council)
Commissioner Shadrach Rolleston (alternate member – Tauranga City Council)
Mr Spencer Webster – Ngā Pōtiki
Mr Whitiora McLeod - Ngāi Te Rangi
Mr Des Heke - Ngāti Ranginui
Ms Destiny Leaf (alternate member – Ngāti Ranginui)

The Committee has a membership of eight, four of whom are TCC councillors and four who are appointed as representatives of the Ngati Ranginui and Te Runanga o Ngaiterangi Iwi Trust and two members as representatives of the Nga Potiki Kaitiaki Resource Management Unit.


The role of the Strategy, Finance and Risk Committee (the Committee) is:

  1. to assist and advise the Council in discharging its responsibility and ownership of health and safety, risk management, internal control, financial management practices, frameworks and processes to ensure these are robust and appropriate to safeguard the Council’s staff and its financial and non-financial assets;
  2. to consider strategic issues facing the city and develop a pathway for the future;
  3. to monitor progress on achievement of desired strategic outcomes;
  4. to review and determine the policy and bylaw framework that will assist in achieving the strategic priorities and outcomes for the Tauranga City Council.

The Committee will consist of:

  • four commissioners with the Commission Chair appointed as the Chairperson of the Committee
  • the Chairperson of Te Rangapū Mana Whenua o Tauranga Moana
  • three tangata whenua representatives (recommended by Te Rangapū Mana Whenua o Tauranga Moana and appointed by Council)
  • an independent external person with finance and risk experience appointed by the Council.

Chairperson: Commission Chair Anne Tolley

Joint committees

For details of membership, role and scope see the Governance Structure and Terms of Reference Manual above

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