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Projects and open consultations

We have a number of exciting projects and plans happening across Tauranga that will contribute to our city’s future. We regularly ask for your opinions as we rely on our community’s input.

Your contributions help ensure that Council’s decisions reflect the aspirations of everyone who lives in our city. Keep an eye out below to see what’s currently in progress, and what’s open for feedback.

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Projects underway

Draft User Fees and Charges 2023/24

We are proposing changes to our user fees and charges and want to know what you think.

Last updated: Mar 23, 2023

Mount to Arataki Spatial Plan

We need your help to create a plan for this much-loved area that will set the direction for the next 30 years.

Last updated: Mar 20, 2023

Building our future. Cameron Road Stage 2

We are working on a plan to make the area between 17th Avenue and Cheyne Road, Pyes Pā safer, more attractive, and provide more ways for people to move.

Last updated: Feb 27, 2023

Central city bus interchange

To create an accessible city centre we need to prioritise frequent, reliable public transport services through the area, supported by high-quality stops close to main destinations.

Last updated: Mar 30, 2023

Bureta Road/Vale Street intersection safety upgrade

To make the Bureta Road/Vale Street intersection safer for everyone, we’ve designed an upgrade plan to improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

Last updated: Mar 30, 2023

Youth Spaces Feasibility Study

As Tauranga continues to grow, we need to make sure that our city develops to meet the needs of young people and that their ideas and opinions are heard.

Last updated: Mar 30, 2023

Gate Pā Community Centre

We’re building a community centre to create a safe, welcoming and flexible space for the communities of Gate Pā.

Last updated: Mar 30, 2023

Pyes Pa walkway

The Pyes Pa walkway will provide recreational walking and cycling opportunities in the area and improve connections through the suburbs with a safer and more accessible route.

Last updated: Mar 29, 2023

Ōmanawa Falls

The Ōmanawa Falls reserve is owned by Tauranga City Council and is closed to the public for safety reasons. We are working with Ngāti Hangarau and Tourism Bay of Plenty to create safe access to Ōmanawa Falls.

Last updated: Mar 29, 2023

Welcome Bay parks improvements

We live in a wonderful part of New Zealand and in Welcome Bay there are many great parks and reserves enjoyed by the community.

Last updated: Mar 29, 2023

Te Ranga Landscape Plan

A project to redevelop the land where the Battle of Te Ranga took place will bring new additions such as a tomokanga (gateway) entrance and walkways to the site.

Last updated: Mar 29, 2023

Accessible hotspots

We’re currently looking at how we can best create a network of highly accessible and inclusive public spaces.

Last updated: Mar 29, 2023

Recreation at the Lakes

Check out what’s happening with these reserves and open spaces based on community feedback.

Last updated: Mar 29, 2023

Waiāri Water Supply Scheme

The Waiāri Water Supply Scheme is designed to help meet the future water supply needs of Tauranga and the wider Western Bay of Plenty.

Last updated: Mar 28, 2023

Tunks Reserve and Elizabeth Street East upgrade

We’re preparing to upgrade the eastern end of Elizabeth Street and the walkway down the hill to The Strand.

Last updated: Mar 27, 2023

Climate Change Action and Investment Plan

We’re developing our first Climate Plan which will clearly set out the steps we need to take together to prepare for the opportunities and challenges presented by climate change.

Last updated: Mar 24, 2023

Memorial Park to city centre coastal connection

The proposed coastal pathway will connect Memorial Park and the city centre, and strengthen the connection of the community with Te Awanui Tauranga Harbour.

Last updated: Mar 15, 2023

Dive Crescent Car Park Upgrade

We’re upgrading the Dive Crescent car park as part of our plans to revitalise the city centre and transform the waterfront in this area.

Last updated: Mar 15, 2023

Destination skate park project

Get on board! Tell us why and where you skate and what makes a good skate park.

Last updated: Mar 13, 2023

Community Centres Action and Investment Plan

Over the next 15 years, we’re improving and expanding Tauranga’s community centre network with much-needed facility upgrades and new community centres in some areas.

Last updated: Mar 9, 2023

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