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Community boards

Community boards can be establised with any of the representative review options.

Key information

  • Council has not previously established community boards.
  • There must be a minimum of four (4) and maximum of 12 community board members (with at least 4 elected community board members). 
  • Council appoints councillor(s) to community boards. Generally, those appointed represent the ward area where the community board is located (if there are wards) or an at large councillor(s) is appointed. 
  • Community board boundaries do not have to be the same as a ward, and they can also cover more than one ward. Community boards do not have to cover all the city.
  • A community board’s role is to:
    1. represent, and act as an advocate for, the interests of its community
    2. consider and report on all matters referred to it by the territorial authority, or any matter of interest or concern to the community board
    3. maintain an overview of services provided by the territorial authority within the community
    4. prepare an annual submission to the territorial authority for expenditure within the community
    5. communicate with community organisations and special interest groups within the community
    6. undertake any other responsibilities that are delegated to it by the territorial authority.


  • Meaningful connection to neighbourhoods and bring decision-making down to a level where community members can have real influence.  
  • Advocate for local community interests.
  • Community boards can be a good introduction to local government and training ground for those who may consider standing as a councillor.
  • Community board members are elected at the same time as councillors (every three (3) years).


  • May be tension between community boards and Council due to the more local focus of community boards and the wider city-focus of Council.  
    Note: Council will need to decide what role and decision-making ability the community board(s) would have.
  • Additional costs for ratepayers who live in a community board area. 
  • Would require resourcing of TCC staff to write reports and attend meetings, manage members’ enquiries and generally support members to achieve their role.  
    Community board members’ remuneration will require additional budgets to be provided. 
  • Election costs would increase as community board members are elected every three years. 
    Actual costs would depend on the number of boards and members appointed to each board.

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