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A strategy is a long term plan for success, they help us outline where we want to be and how we are going to get there.

Strategies also help identify what the plans are for the future of the city and the region and community engagement is a vital part of our strategy development.

Below are the strategies that are currently in force. In parallel we are developing a number of high level strategies that will support our aspiration of being an internationally competitive city that delivers a higher standard of living for all. These strategies will be aspirational, focussed on outcomes rather than issues, and will help us shape our city now and into the future. In time, these strategies will either incorporate or supersede some of the strategies set out below.

Strategic focus

Tauranga City Council strategies

Age-Friendly Strategy - September 2013 - 2023 (3.9mb pdf)

Aquatic Network Strategy 2012 - 2022 (540kb pdf)

City Centre Strategy 2012 (8mb pdf)

Disability Strategy (94kb pdf)

Elders' Strategy 2008 (3.3mb pdf )

Historic Village Strategy 2012 - 2022 (158kb pdf)

Infrastructure Strategy (680kb pdf)

Open Space Strategy 2006 (6mb pdf)

Our Community Places Strategy (1.1mb pdf)

Sport and Active Living Strategy 2012 (673kb pdf)

Transportation Strategies

Vegetation and Tree Management (5.1mb pdf)

Urban Design Strategy 2006 (5mb pdf)

Tauranga City Council Development Guide

Joint strategies

Arts and Culture Strategy (5mb pdf)

Smart Economy Strategy (826kb pdf)

SmartGrowth 2013 Strategy 

SmartTourism (257kb pdf) 

Wairoa River Valley Strategy (6.5mb pdf) 

Western BOP International Strategy 2019-2022 (3mb pdf)

Kaituna River Document - Te Maru o Kaituna River Authority

Bay of Plenty Spaces and Places Strategy

Corporate strategies

RightOn Customer Experience Strategy (1.6mb pdf)

Sustainable Steps - caring for our future (1.23mb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 17/07/2019


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