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Making a further submission

A further submission is made either in support of or opposition to another person’s submission.

They must be limited to the matters that were raised in submissions. It gives you the chance to consider the impact an original submission may have on you, and to have your views considered alongside the original submission.

Who can make a further submission? 

To make a further submission you must have an interest that is greater than that of the general public and/or represents a relevant aspect of the public interest. A further submission can only be made in support or opposition of matters raised in the submissions.

Do I need to make a further submission?

You are not required to make a further submission. If you made an original submission that submission still stands.

However, this is an opportunity to submit on other submissions. This is important as you may wish to support or oppose other decisions requested.

How do I send my further submission to other parties?

A copy of your further submission must be sent to the original submitter within five working days after it is lodged with council, using the original submission. This will be made available on 31 May 2021.

What is the summary of submission report? 

This is a summary of the decisions requested by submitters in relation to the plan change and states the name of the submitter, and the decision they requested Council to make. 

The report is in a table format and contains a summary of the ‘decisions requested’ along with relevant commentary. The submission points have been sorted by topic/issue. Each submission point has a unique number, identifying whether it supports, supports in part, opposes or seeks amendment to a particular provision. In some cases, the decision requested is not specified. 

You’ll see that some decisions requested include text with underlining.  This means that a submitter is seeking additional or amended wording in the City Plan. Other text is shown with a line through it. This is where the submitter is seeking that wording be deleted.

If you are planning on making a further submission on a decision requested, we encourage you to read the relevant original submission to fully understand the context and reasoning.

How do I view the summary of submissions and original submissions?

We have summarised the original submissions into a report to make it easier for you to find and search for submissions that may affect you.   These will be available to view on 31 May 2021.

The summary of submissions and original submissions can also be viewed in hardcopy at council’s customer service centre and your local library.

How to read the summary of submissions report

Each submitter has been allocated a number and each of their submission points has a unique number. You will need to reference the whole submission number if you make a further submission. 

Example: Submission 15.3 

  • 15 is the submitter number 
  • 3 is the submission point number

The summary identifies whether each submission point supports, supports in part, opposes or is neutral. In some cases, the decision requested is not specified.

The summary is ordered by submission topic. 

“Quotation marks” have been used where specific words or phrases have been quoted from the original submission.

Specific amendments requested may be shown with strikethrough for deletions and underlined for additions.

Additional annotations use [square brackets] to assist interpretation. 

Please refer to the original submission to fully understand the context and reasoning of the submitter.

How to find out if a submission affects you or your property 

Some submitters have sought a change to where the Te Papa Housing Overlay should apply, and we’ve identified these in the summary reports under ‘Extent of Te Papa Housing Overlay’. Some submitters have also requested changes to the rules that apply to the Te Papa Housing Overlay. We have identified these under the specific provisions relating to Chapter 14D City Living and Te Papa Housing Overlay, e.g. ‘14D Heights’. These decisions requested can affect multiple properties.

Decisions requested may also relate to rules that apply across the city that may affect your property e.g. a rule about the height of buildings in the Suburban Residential Zone. We have identified these under the specific provisions relating to Chapter 14B Suburban Residential Zone e.g. ‘14B Heights’.


Need a hand?

The summary of submissions are complex and we would welcome the opportunity to help you understand them.

You can make an appointment to talk to a member of our friendly planning team. Please email city.plan@tauranga.govt.nz or call us at 07 5777 000.

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