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As-built plans and survey benchmark fees

as at 1 July 2018

As-built plans fees Recieved in paper form charges Received in electronic form charges
Base fee $198.50 $198.00
Cost allotment $104.50 $63.80
Electronic conversion fee - applied per allotment when a PDF or TIFF version of the as-built information is not provided with the paper record as-builts $58.30 $53.00
As-built plans received in paper form - 2 lot subdivision only Charges
Fixed fee $284.90
Incorrect as-built information Charges

When as-built information provided to Council is found to contain incorrect service information (i.e. incorrect service connections, data, dimensions, co-ordinates, references, or does not match what is found or observed out in the field), then Council will charge the
consultant responsible for the costs incurred in following up the incorrect information or co-ordinating the finding of incorrect as-built information.

Note: Where incorrect as-built information is found by Council and the Consultant concerned does not assist in rectifying the incorrect as-builts or finding the incorrectly shown service connections, then Council will no longer accept as-built information.

Actual cost with a minimum charge of one
hour plus disbursements.
Thereafter on an actual cost basis
Resource consent and building consent applications Charges
Applications lodged WITHOUT an electronic version (applies to professional service providers only).
  • A hardcopy of all plans and documentation must accompany the application
  • The electronic version must comply with the Infrastructure Development Code (IDC)


Last Reviewed: 29/06/2018

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