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Legal services charges

As 1 July 2019

Legal Services fees Charges
Legal services charges hourly rate $298.00
Official information requests  
Staff times
Time spent by staff searching for relevant material, abstracting, collating, copying, transcribing and supervising access, where the total time involved is in excess of one hour.
$76.00 per hour for each chargeable hour or part thereof after the first hour
Copying or printing on standard A4 or foolscap paper where the total number of pages is in excess of 20 pages.
$0.20 per page after the
first 20 pages
All other charges Actual cost
Shall be fixed at an amount which recovers the actual cost incurred. This includes:
- the provision of documents on computer disks;
- the retrieval of information off-site
- reproducing a film, video or audio recording
- arranging for the requester to hear or view an audio or visual recording; and
- providing a copy of any map, plan or other document larger than foolscap size.
Actual cost


Note: The above charges are consistent with the Ministry of Justice Charging Guidelines endorsed by the Office of the Ombudsman.

Last Reviewed: 28/06/2019


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