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Planning staff fees

As at 1 July 2022

The time taken to process an application (including any pre-application time, providing advice etc.) and to undertake associated post-consent work and monitoring will be charged at the relevant scheduled hourly rate, plus the actual cost of any external specialist consultants/commissioners and disbursements. Time will be charged at the hourly rate applicable at the time the work was carried out.

Application fees include consent processing, engineering design acceptance, construction audits and clearances, and certification. Additional fees are required to be paid before the section 224 certificate will be released. Bond and maintenance/defect liability clearance fees will be invoiced at the relevant time.

A minimum charge of 15 min will be applied as a starting point.

If the actual cost of processing exceeds the deposit paid, an invoice will be sent for the additional fees. Alternatively, the balance of the deposit will be refunded if it is not required. Interim invoices may be issued.

Staff hourly rates Charges
Technical Level 3 - General Manager, Manager, Project Lead $265.00
Technical Level 2 - Intermediate, Senior, Principal, Team Leader, Development Engineering, Development Planner, Specialist, Advisor $233.00
Technical Level 1 - Planners and Officers $180.00
Administration - Administrators, technicians, co-ordinators $138.00
  1. The particular technical hourly rate level is determined by staff competency levels.
  2. Position titles vary across Council.
  3. Hourly rates will be charged as per the above unless otherwise covered off elsewhere by specific groups across TCC. The higher of the rates will apply.
  4. External resources may be engaged to address either expertise or capacity that is not available internally. Actual rates/costs will be oncharged.
  5. Legal fees will be charged at actual rates/costs.

Debt recovery
Where the Council has issued an invoice for the payment of any fee or charge and the amount invoiced has not been paid by the stated due date on the invoice, the Council may commence debt recovery action. The Council reserves the right to charge interest, payable from the date the debt became due, and recover costs incurred in pursuing recovery of the debt.

City and Infrastructure Planning Charges
City Planning fees below are based on a cost recovery model taking into account the band based roles based on the productive working hours plus overhead allocation.
Planners $200.00 per hour
Policy Planners $200.00 per hour
Senior Planning Engineers, Modellers and Analysts $235.00 per hour
Team Leader $270.00 per hour
Manager City Infrastructure Planning $318.00 per hour


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