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Hōtaka atu a kura, a hapori hoki

Other school and community programmes

Other school and community programmes

We offer a range of hands-on tools or presentations that are available to schools and community groups.

Stream health monitoring kits

This kit has been developed by NIWA and provides students with a hands-on opportunity to learn how to monitor and assess the health of local streams and waterways. The kit includes a detailed manual and links to how-to videos describing a variety of experiments.

If your school or class is interested in renting a kit, please contact the Waterline Education Team.

Stormwater education days

Our stormwater education days will help you understand the significant role stormwater reserves play in our community – both today and historically.

The stormwater education days offer a series of hands-on activities, including testing water quality, close encounters with eels, discovering pests, making pest traps and learning cultural stories from the area.

Check out the recent local focus video at the Tauranga City Council and Ngā Pōtiki stormwater education day at Te Ara ō Wairākei, stormwater reserve in Pāpāmoa.

To find out more contact our Waterline Education Team.

Pumps, pipes and wipes - interactive learning model

Highlights the difference between our stormwater and wastewater systems and how wastewater overflows can occur. The resource allows people to pump water through different pipes and see where the water or wastewater flows throughout our city. ‘Pumps, pipes and wipes’ can be used at school and community events.

Water supply - interactive learning model

Illustrates the treatment process of our drinking water. It also shows how water is distributed to reservoirs and then supplied to taps throughout Tauranga. The presentation highlights what the sources of our drinking water are and how we should conserve our precious water.

For more information, or to book one of these interactive models, please contact our Waterline Education Team.

Community group chats

Keen to have our passionate educator come and present at a community event? We can provide your audience with an informative presentation about how the three waters – drinking, waste and stormwater are processed and treated here in Tauranga.

For more information, or to book a Community group chat, please contact our Waterline Education Team.

Floating wetlands

Interested to learn more about floating wetlands or get a floating wetland installed in a stormwater reserve near you? Contact james.piddock@tauranga.govt.nz for more information.

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