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Kīrehe pāmu


Stock owners are required to ensure their animals are securely fenced at all times and are liable for a range of fees if their stock gets out.

Stock management is controlled by Tauranga City Council bylaws, the Impounding Act 1955 and the Fencing Act 1978. The following animals are considered to be stock:

  • horse
  • cattle 
  • deer 
  • ass
  • mule
  • sheep
  • pig or goat.

Stock on the road

If you see stock loose on a state highway, please contact the Police or NZTA immediately. Council staff can't respond to stock in these situations.

If the roaming stock is not on a state highway please contact us. If it is obvious where the stock has come from you may be able to return them to the paddock.

If the stock is likely to cause danger to road users, you may need to stay to warn other drivers until help arrives. 

Stock owners 

Horses and cattle must be kept more than five metres from the nearest dwelling.

You must keep stock confined on all sides by a proper and adequate stock proof fencing and make sure you:

  • keep the fences well maintained
  • lock or spring load gates
  • regularly test electric fences
  • put a contact phone number on horse covers. 

Stock on the road is a serious hazard. If your stock stray onto a roadway you will be liable for:

  • any damages in the event of an accident, this may include criminal charges  
  • any costs incurred as a result of your stock being impounded by council.

Stock on private property

If your stock stray onto private property you will be liable for:

  • any damage caused by the stock
  • trespass and sustenance costs claimed by the owner of the property 
  • any costs incurred from your stock being impounded by council 

If any stock stray onto your property you may:

  • return the stock to the owner or arrange with the owner to collect the stock
  • impound the stock for up to 48 hours on your property
  • impound the stock and arrange with council to have them transported to our stockyard

You may be able to claim damages, grazing fees and other costs, refer to the Impounding Act 1955 for more information.

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