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Approved materials

Council is committed to providing quality assets and infrastructure whilst balancing operational and maintenance costs at a level that meets community expectation.

Experience gained over many years of operating and maintaining infrastructure has shown that relying only on standard specifications for components of an infrastructure system or network does not necessarily provide the best result.

Tauranga City Council and Western Bay of Plenty District Council have teamed up to operate under a single combined Approved Materials application and management process. This ensures a singular, consistent and efficient approach for industry practitioners with regard to the greater western Bay of Plenty area, whilst helping the Councils achieve their required outcomes.

Approved Materials Process and Requirements

The Approved Materials requirements are empowered by Tauranga City Council’s Infrastructure Development Code (IDC) and the Western Bay of Plenty District Council’s Development Code. Decisions are made by appropriate representatives of both Councils or by an Advisory Panel (that may include independent experts).

Please note: The TCC’s water supply materials list is closed. During 2022/2023 comprehensive reviews of the list have been undertaken to ensure the list is sufficiently stocked to ensure a safe and competitive supply of quality products. With the increased workload leading into Water Reform, we are unable to process new applications until further notice. TCC retains the option to enter the market to find new or alternative products if the need arises.
For further information, please refer to the following:

Applications can be sent to IDC@tauranga.govt.nz

Approved Materials Lists

You can access the Approved Materials Lists at the following links:

Approved Materials Industry Forum

An industry forum has been established to help both Councils understand industry issues, to provide advice and to create open and transparent dialogue between Council and those directly affected by this process.

If you have any questions regarding Approved Materials, please contact the IDC team at Tauranga City Council.

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