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Kulim Park upgrade

Project update

As part of the upgrades to Kulim Park, we are planning to restrict car parking to either side of the access road only. This is to prevent people from parking in the open grassed areas and create a safer park for people to enjoy.

To check we are getting this right we're going to undertake a trial phase:

  • Late June: Install bollards to stop people from parking in the grassed areas (see image)
  • June - October: Monitor use of the park to understand if we need to make further changes to the car parking layout
  • Early 2021: Implement the final car parking layout alongside an upgrade to Kulim Park

Kulim Park is a beautifully located, north facing park at the edge of the harbour. It is treasured by the local community. We want to make the park even better and to meet the needs of the local community. We are planning on upgrading the park in 2020/2021.

The park hosts a playground, public toilets, an undersized basketball half court, a petanque court, an active ageing gym, a number of large pohutukawa trees and access to the harbour edge shared pathway. It is adjacent to a small beach area with a concrete groyne, a boat club and a small, steep boat ramp.

Cars currently have free access to the park and people can park almost anywhere they like. Due to compaction of the soil from cars driving freely on it, and a high water table, there is significant ponding on the grass after periods of wet weather.

Next steps

Council adopted a minimum upgrade of the park on 3 December 2019, including the following elements:

  • Improving drainage of the park
  • Minimising unrestricted vehicle access on the grassed areas
  • Maintaining a minimum of 80 carparks (not necessarily sealed)
  • Upgrading the children’s playground
  • Constructing a shared pathway seaward of the existing roadway
  • Minimising invasive earthworks
  • Continued monitoring of park use to provide more information for future decision making and park development

The project team will now further investigate the minimum upgrade, including cost and timelines.

Bollards and car parking layout (868kb pdf)

Project scope

  • Reinstate coastal edge and beaches
  • Resolve/improve drainage issues
  • Connect shared paths
  • Manage vehicle access
  • Connect to the harbour
  • Protect vegetation
  • Create safe places to play
  • Connect people to the history of the area
  • Reflect cultural values of Mana Whenua


  • Mid 2017 - Project initiation
  • Dec 2017 - First phase consultation - Picnic in the park (see Public Open Day 1 information below)
  • Early 2018 - Develop concept design
  • April 2018 - Second phase consultation (see Public Open Day 2 information below)
  • Mid 2018 - Design refinement
  • Aug - Dec 2018 - Tender and procurement
  • Feb 2019 - Project on hold as part of Council’s review of projects 
  • Aug 2019 – Project off hold and design refinement
  • Oct 2019 - Third phase consultation - (see Public Open Day 3 information below)
  • Dec 2019 – Council adopts ‘do minimum’ approach

Previous consultation - What you told us

Public Open Day #3

From 14 – 30 October we invited you to have your say on the latest version of the Kulim Park upgrade design concept. Thank you to all of those who took the time to provide feedback.

We have received and analysed feedback from 465 submitters, which is available in the  summary of feedback report. 

Summary of feedback report (773kb pdf)

Overall, 63.5% of submitters support the proposed design subject to a few changes.

Requested changes include:

  • More car parking
  • Better drainage
  • Significant playground upgrade
  • Providing a location for a coffee cart or food truck
  • Accessible design
  • Managing the speed of people on bikes
  • Prioritising the headland for kite surfing and other water sports
  • More BBQs, picnic tables and seating

Public Open Day#3 information (6mb pdf)

Public Open Day #2

In April 2018 we came out to the community with an initial design for Kulim Park and asked for your feedback.

Public Open Day #2 information (4.8mb pdf)

Open Day 2 Frequently answered questions (159kb pdf)

Summary of feedback on the initial concept design (376kb pdf)

Public Open Day #1

In December 2017 we had a picnic in the park. You told us about your vision for Kulim Park. You told us what you value and how you like to use the park.

Public Open Day#1 information (3.25mb pdf)

Summary of feedback (877kb pdf)

Previous concept designs

Last Reviewed: 18/06/2020


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