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Accessible changing facility

Latest update

This consultation is now closed. We will be reviewing the feedback we received and provide an update on this project to all submitters, as well as on this project page, by the end of October.

Accessible changing facility, Mount Drury Reserve (Hopukiore)


Council has a Disability Strategy that outlines how we are working to remove barriers faced by disabled people. 

With some of the most beautiful beaches on our doorstep, part of achieving this is ensuring everyone who would like to, has the opportunity to enjoy themselves in our coastal environment. 

A current challenge for disabled people living in or visiting our area, is having a changing facility that’s designed to meet their needs for greater levels of support. (For example, a toilet, change area, table, shower and hoist).

Support for a new facility

Tauranga Special School made a submission to the 2018-2028 Long Term Plan, which included a request for changing facilities (including a changing bed) for people who are unable to use the accessible public toilets. 

Council supported this idea and as a result, we are proposing to build an accessible changing facility at Mount Drury Reserve (Hopukiore), Mount Maunganui.

This would be a welcome addition for people (locals, visitors and tourists) with accessible needs, because it enables them to gain greater independence and freedom.

Proposed accessible changing facility

Location: Together with potential users of this facility we have selected 30 Grace Avenue, Mount Drury Reserve (Hopukiore), Mount Maunganui near the children’s playground due to its central location. It also offers ease of access to the playground, Mount Main Street, Pilot Bay, Mount Main Beach, beach accessibility mats and accessible car parks. Over time we would like to add further features like accessible picnic tables to make this area as accessible as possible.

Developing the facility: To ensure we will offer the most useful facility, we have been working with a number of advisory groups, who represent users of the facility, including Tauranga Special School and the Tauranga Disability Awareness Group.

Funding: This is partly funded by a $218,000 grant from the Tourism Infrastructure Fund (TIF). 

Signage: clear signage and information will be provided to the public at the entry to describe what the facility is, who it is for and how it can be accessed.  

Access: we will give swipe access to local residents who need to use this facility and will be able to unlock the facility remotely for visitors and tourists. This facility will not be available to the general public but existing public toilets are available on the park located within 20 metres. 

Aerial view including map: location is at 30 Grace Avenue, Mount Drury Reserve (Hopukiore) just behind the public toilets, to the side of the playground.

Aerial view of accessible changing facility

A mock-up of what this facility will look like is pictured (5.5m (long) x 3m (wide) x 2.8m (high)). It will feature a slight incline to the door, pathway and suitable coastal planting. We are also able to wrap the facility in different colours and designs. 

 Images of accessible changing facility 

Accessible changing room front view
Accessible changing room - rear view


To reach a decision we will consider a range of factors including the feedback we receive and the budget we have to do this project. We will then inform neighbours and everyone who has given feedback on this project of the outcome. 

Last Reviewed: 31/08/2020


  • August 2020
    Inform the community
  • September 2020
    Information open day - 11am-1pm, Saturday 12 September at Mount Drury

    Feedback closes 5pm, Monday 28 September
  • September/October 2020
    Collate feedback, tweak designs based on feedback, apply for consents
  • Early/mid 2021
    Begin groundsworks and install unit
  • Mid 2021
    Open day/s for users to get familiar with the facility

Your feedback

This consultation is now closed. We will be reviewing the feedback we received and provide an update on this project to all submitters, as well as on this project page, by the end of October.

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