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Play, Active Recreation and Sport AIP

Mahere Haupū me Mahi Hākinakina, Korokori, Tākaro hoki

Play, Active Recreation and Sport Action & Investment Plan

We’re a growing city, with all the challenges and opportunities a growing city provides such as an ageing population, new communities shaping up at Te Tumu and Tauriko West, and more people living in our city.

This AIP has now been adopted at the Council meeting on 21 August 2023.

Thank you to everyone who has provide time and feedback on preparing this plan.

Please note that our action and investment plans are roadmaps for how we can achieve Our Direction, but we cannot fund all of them all at once. Most of the “priority actions” within each plan have are currently included in our working draft Long-term Plan 2024-2034 (as at July 2023), and this is clearly shown in the action tables within each plan. When the Long-term Plan is finalised next year, we will go back and update the actions in these plans to reflect final Long-term Plan funding decisions.

For reference, here is the earlier draft AIP that went out for feedback in May 2023

Play, Active Recreation, and Sport AIP - working draft v3- 10 May 2023 (7mb pdf)

We want our city to have well planned public places with spaces for people to connect, enjoy, play and recreate.

Together, we’re committed to working closely with our mana whenua partners and our key stakeholders to ensure public places are at the heart of our communities and that they:

  • provide a mature and comprehensive ecological network that supports our resilience to climate change
  • tell our stories of the past, present and future, acknowledging our history and the diversity of our current and future communities
  • are enjoyed by people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, whether it’s for organised or informal recreation
  • are easy to get to, places people can connect, feel safe and enable activities that bring the community together
  • prioritise nature, while also recognising the varied and valuable role that reserves and open space have in our growing city.
  • planning for new play, active recreation and sports facilities but also ensuring we deliver on our existing plans and actions.

Our Direction

Our Direction

Our Direction presents the framework for Tauranga City Council’s strategic direction.

More information on Our Direction

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