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Pukapuka matua panonitanga mahere 27

Plan Change 27 key documents

Documents relevant to the plan change including submissions, further submissions, decisions on the plan change and appeals process.

Appeals on Plan Change 27 decision – Flooding from intense rainfall

The decision for proposed Plan Change 27 was released on 11 April 2022. The following three appeals were received:

The Environment Court manages the appeals process. The process will include court assisted mediation and court hearings. Information on the appeals process can be found on the Environment Court's website.

Plan Change 27 - withdrawal of impervious surface rule public notice (64kb pdf)

Decision on Plan Change 27 – Flooding from intense rainfall 

The Hearings Panel considered all submissions, further submissions and evidence and have prepared a decision. Plan Change 27 has been approved subject to the modifications set out in the decision and attached Appendix 1. The full decision of the Hearings Panel and final annotated City Plan text are available below.   

Decision of Independent Hearings Panel and annotated City Plan text (64kb pdf)


The hearings procedures and directions from the Chair of the Hearings Panel is available below, along with the planner’s report and statements of expert evidence provided by submitters speaking at the hearings.

Plan Change 27 - Hearings Schedule (22kb pdf)
Hearings Procedures and Directions (400kb pdf)
Planner’s report – Plan Change 27 (Flooding from intense rainfall) s42a report (8mb pdf)
Plan Change 27 Addendum to s42A Hearing Report (1mb pdf)
Hearings Panel Minute – Plan Change 27 (73kb pdf)
Plan Change 27 - TCC Closing Statement and Response to the Hearing Minute (3 mb pdf)

Summary of submissions and further submissions

To assist in reading submissions and further submissions, we have created a summary table. It lists the main points made by each submitter, and what outcome they seek from the Hearing Panel’s decisions. Further submissions are referenced against the original submission point (the original submission point appears in parentheses) and highlighted in green. Each further submission starts with ‘FS’. For further reasoning and context please refer to the original submission or further submission.

We have received numerous submissions in a template format. These have been summarised in the summary of submissions report and are referred to as ‘multiple submitters'. To review these, click on the link, and this will take you to the submission.

Summary of submissions and further submissions (1.7mb pdf)

Submissions: 1 - 337

Multiple submissions (921kb pdf)

Submissions: 338 - 665

Submissions: 666-1002

Need a hand?

The summary of submissions are complex and we would welcome the opportunity to help you understand them.

You can make an appointment to talk to a member of our friendly planning team. Please email city.plan@tauranga.govt.nz or call us at 07 5777 000.

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