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Additional security measures

We are aware that some customers are having issues making payments online. This is due to Visa and Mastercard now enforcing two-factor authentication on all payments in order to increase security.

If you are having issues making an online payment, please contact your bank.

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Create a new water account/connection

Set up an account for a new water connection, install a new backflow device, or apply for a trade waste consent.

Apply for a new Service Connection

A Service Connection Application (SCA) must be approved and issued for all new connections to council-owned infrastructure. For the water supply system, this is usually done as part of the subdivision or building consent process.

Apply for a service connection online

Back flow devices

All properties must have an appropriate backflow prevention device in place (this is required by law under the Water Services Act 2021). These devices stop water flowing backwards from private properties into the public water supply. Backflow poses a serious contamination risk and can affect the quality and safety of our drinking water.

For this reason, all backflow connections to council water supply must be completed by a Council approved contractor.

Find out more about backflow requirements

New trade waste consent

Trade waste is any liquid waste that is discharged into council’s wastewater system by industry or business. It includes wastewater from production processes, washing down or cooling practices but does not include domestic sewage (toilet, bath and sink waste) or uncontaminated surface water and roof drainage (rainwater).

All wastewater (including trade waste) is fully treated at our wastewater treatment plant before it’s discharged.

If you are a commercial, industrial, manufacturing or trade business that is producing more liquid waste than that of a large household (more than 5m³ per day), and/or may contain substances that might harm our wastewater system, you will need to apply for a trade waste consent.

A new consent may be required when:

  • You are a new business/activity and need to discharge into the wastewater system any trade waste (either continuously, intermittently or temporarily); or
  • You are an existing business/activity and will be varying your discharge where a consent has previously been granted.

Businesses that may be affected include:

  • Food processing/retail premises
  • Process/manufacturing operations
  • Chemical processing/production
  • Waste management services
  • Service station/car wash
  • Laundromat/dry cleaners
  • Leachate/landfill wastes.

Apply for a trade waste consent through our Trade Waste ID portal

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