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Hanganga Tūnuku Tauranga

Tauranga Transport Model

Knowledgebase containing Tauranga Transport Model documents

Please note some files are large and you may have difficulty downloading on a slower connection.

If you are having difficulty accessing the files you can email Jec Dela Cruz on Jec.DelaCruz@tauranga.govt.nz

TTM General Tauranga Model Guidelines

Guidance on the use of the Tauranga Transport Models (1mb pdf) December 2019

TTM User Service Desk

TTM User Service Desk  

TTM Data Map

TTM Data Map  
TTSM Strategic Model Reports and Guidelines
TTSM22 update (1mb pdf) 3 November 2023
TTSM22 update - combined appendices (8mb pdf) 3 November 2023
TTSM 21 Base Model Report (6mb pdf) July 2022
TTSM 21 Forecast Model Report (9mb pdf) July 2022
Programme 8.2 TTSM Model Updates (241kb pdf) October 2019
TTSM PT Model Testing Report (808kb pdf) October 2019
TTSM Enhancement TTM5.12 (6.7mb pdf) June 2019
TTSM Programme 8.1 – Initial Findings (3.7mb pdf) June 2019
TTM5.10 Base Model Calibration and Validation (7mb pdf) March 2015
TTM5.10 Forecasting Report (1.7mb pdf) March 2015
TTHM Hybrid Operational Model Reports and Guidelines
TTHM Forecast Development (6.1mb pdf) February 2020
TTHM Model Development Report (11mb pdf) June 2019
TTHM Data Collection Report (2.1mb pdf) September 2018
TTHM Tauranga Hybrid Model Specification Report (1.3mb pdf) July 2018
TCM Cycle Model Reports and Guidelines
Tauranga Cycle Model User Manual (2mb pdf) April 2023
Tauranga Cycle Model Update (9mb pdf) October 2023
TCM – Tauranga Cycle Model Development Report (13mb pdf) March 2020
TAM Accessibility Model Reports and Guidelines
TSP Accessibility Model Stage 1 Report (14mb pdf)- due to the size of the file you may have difficulty downloading. November 2020
Project Model Reports
TSP Refresh Refresh Modelling Report (190kb pdf) June 2023
TSP Refresh Modelling Report Appendices (3mb pdf) June 2023
2020 TSP  
Transport Modelling Report for WBOP Transport System Plan (120mb pdf) - due to the size of the file you may have difficulty downloading. November 2020
2020 UFTI  
UFTI Modelling Report  (17mb pdf) due to the size of the file you may have difficulty downloading. June 2020
2018 Tauranga Transport Programme  
Programme Business Case PT 8.0 Transport Modelling Appendices (8mb pdf) July 2018

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