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Rēhita kurī kitea

Found dog register

Collecting your impounded dog

Before your dog can be returned, you must provide evidence that it is your dog and pay all applicable fees. You can arrange to collect your dog directly from us when you have paid the fees. View Animal Services fees

Dog owners must microchip and register their dogs so they can be quickly identified and returned to their owners.

If you’ve lost your dog, please phone our call centre 24/7 on 07 577 7000.

You can also contact your neighbours, make flyers and post messages on local community noticeboards like Facebook.

Make sure your details are up to date

If you find a dog, please call 07 577 7000, so we can arrange a time to pick up the dog.

We’ll contact the owner (if known) or add the dog to our Found Dogs Register below. 

Dogs that are unclaimed after seven days become the property of Tauranga City Council and can be adopted out or otherwise disposed of. View impound process

Animal service officers have the right to seize and impound any wandering dog. The dog owner must pay the impounding costs before a dog can be released. View Animal Services fees

If you are missing a dog and believe one of the dogs on the Found Dog Register below could be yours, give us a call on 07 577 7000, quoting the council reference number.

Before your dog can be returned, you must provide evidence that it is your dog and pay all impounding costs.

Dog pound location and opening hours Animal Services fees

Breed Colour Gender Date found Location found Council reference number
No dogs           

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