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Whakamōkito para ki te kura

Reduce waste at school

We offer a range of services to schools and education providers to assist with waste reduction.

There’s a lot of waste that comes out of a classroom daily that can easily be recycled or composted. By designing zero waste processes and setting up good waste separation systems you can achieve a range of benefits for your school, including reducing costs and creating positive learning experiences for students.

If you’re part of a school or education centre we can help you reduce waste. Our team will provide you with onsite support to analyse and understand your unique waste reduction needs and work with you to create solutions to reduce waste. To find out how we can help your school long term, have a look at our Resource Wise Programme, or for additional support get in touch with us at resource.wise@tauranga.govt.nz or phone 07 577 7000.

Resource Wise Programme information

Waste reduction hints and tips for your school

  • Carry out a visual waste audit or assessment to determine waste composition (have a look in your bins and see what is in there!)
  • Develop a vision and set small, achievable goals to reduce waste.
  • Set up an Enviro or Green team of enthusiastic students or staff to champion. 
  • Create a litter free lunch policy for students and staff.
  • Set up photocopiers to print double sided as default and reuse scrap paper before recycling.
  • Set up a composting system to deal with food scraps or have a waste company collect for you.
  • Ask students to be responsible for collecting classroom recycling. 

It can really help if your staff and students know what items can be recycled at your school

Download our bin bay posters to display above your bins to help users make the right choice for their waste.

Bin bay posters

Zero Waste Education

Schools and preschools in Tauranga city can book the award winning Zero Waste Education programme offering units to students in years 1 – 8. All units are delivered by a Zero Waste education specialist teacher and are free to schools thanks to funding from Tauranga City Council.

For more information or to book the programme for your school, visit the Zero Waste Education website. The programme can be tailored and timetabled to fit the needs of your school. 

Composting and worm-farming in schools

Does your school currently have a compost or worm farm system to deal with your food scraps? The Zero Waste Education programme includes a composting unit where students can build their very own mini worm farm as a learning tool. Alternatively, download our worm farm and composting factsheets.


This programme encourages recycling of paper and cardboard by providing recycling bins (free of charge) for each classroom. Schools are rewarded with native plants or trees depending on how much paper is recycled in the school  year. For more information or to sign up your school, visit the Paper4Trees website.

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