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IDC a kawekawe

IDC pdf version

This page provides links to the IDC content in a document format. You can also view the IDC in an online format.

View the Operative IDC: Online Format


GEN-1 Introduction (124kb pdf)

GEN-2 Strategic Alignment (80kb pdf)

GEN-3 Level of Service (86kb pdf)

GEN-4 Definitions (135kb pdf)

GEN-5 Document Control & Management (95kb pdf)

GEN-6 IDC Departures (84kb pdf)

Infrastructure Development Processes

ID-1 Infrastructure Development Processes (103kb pdf)

PD-1 Lifecycle of an Asset Process Map (Under Construction)

PD-2 Resource Consent Application Process Map (Under Construction)

PD-3 Development Works Approval Process (272kb pdf)

PD-4 Amendment to DWA Approval (276kb pdf)

PD-5 Amendment to Approved Development Works Application - Process Map (Under Construction)

PD-6 s223 Application Process Map (Under Construction)

PD-7 s224(c) Application Process Map (Under Construction)

PD-8 Approved Materials Process Map (Under Construction)

Quality Assurance Requirements

QA-1 Resource Consent Application Requirements (691kb pdf)

AC-1 Application Checklist Development Evaluation Report (129kb pdf)

G1 Producer Statement Suitability of Land for Subdivision (217kb pdf)

QA-2 Works Undertaken By or For a Council (79kb pdf)

QA-3 Development Works Approval (1.5mb pdf)

QA-3 Application for Development Works Approval Template (in IDC toolbox)

CM-1a Construction Monitoring Services (752kb pdf)

CM-1b Construction Monitoring Services (893kb pdf)

CM-1c Construction Monitoring Services (670kb pdf)

CM-1d Construction Monitoring Services (609kb pdf)

QA-4 Survey Plan (s223) Approval (78kb pdf)

QA-5 Final Sign Off (s224c) Application Requirements (8mb pdf)

DCR-01 Type 1 Development Completion Report Template (Under Construction)

DCR-02 Type 2 Development Completion Report Template (Under Construction)

G2 Producer Statement Suitability of Land for Building Development (658kb pdf)

G3 Summary of Geotechnical Data for Individual Lots (392kb pdf)

G4 Geotechnical Checklist - Geotechnical Reporting (829kb pdf)

AC-2 As-Built Submission (780kb pdf)

AC-3 As-Built Submission – General – All Drawings (335kb pdf)

AC-3.1 As-Built Submission - Reserves (348kb pdf)

AC-3.2  As-Built Submission - Transportation/Streetscape (557kb pdf)

AC-3.3  As-Built Submission - Stormwater (391kb pdf)

AC-3.4 As-Built Submission - Wastewater (361kb pdf)

AC-3.5 As-Built Submission - Water Supply (322kb pdf)

AC-3.6  As-Built Submission - Natural Hazards and Earthworks (345kb pdf)

C1 General Design Statement (237kb pdf)

C1 General Design Statement word version - see page 7

C1-a Pavement Producer Statement - Design (42kb pdf)

C1-b Pavement Producer Statement - Design Review (42kb pdf)

C2 Streetscape Construction Certification (575kb pdf)

C3 Reserves Construction Certification (644kb pdf)

C4 Transportation Construction Certification (949kb pdf)

C5 Stormwater Construction Certification (655kb pdf)

C6 Wastewater Construction Certification (654kb pdf)

C7 Water Supply Construction Certification (582kb pdf)

C9 Network Utilities Construction Certification (421kb pdf)

C10 Producer Statement Completed Construction Works (550kb pdf)

AC-4 Type 2 ACR Application Checklist - Development Completion Report (535kb pdf)

AC-5 Application Checklists - s224 Application (499kb pdf)

AR-1 Infrastructure Asset Register (42kb pdf)

QA-6 As-Built Information (113kb pdf)

AB-01 Relativity of Datum Levels (95kb pdf)

AB-02 Benchmark in K&C (155kb pdf)

AB-03 Benchmark in Block (406kb pdf)

AB-04 Benchmark in Box (795kb pdf)

AB-100 Infill As-Built Plan Example (656kb pdf)

AB-200 Streetscape & Reserves As-Built Plan Example (736kb pdf)

AB-400 Transportation Network As-Built Plan Example (843kb pdf)

AB-500 Stormwater As-Built Plan Example (949kb pdf)

AB-600 Wastewater As-Built Plan Example (901kb pdf)

AB-700 Water Supply As-Built Plan Example (881kb pdf)

AB-800 Earthworks As-Built Plan Example (1.4mb pdf)

QA-7 Bonds and Maintenance Fee (124kb pdf)

B1 Bond Form (11kb pdf)

B2 Bond Form - Schedule of Works (5kb pdf)

MF1 Maintenance Fee Form (6kb pdf)

MF2 Maintenance Fee Form - Schedule of Works (6kb pdf)

QA-8 Building Consent Considerations (Under Construction)

Design Standards

DS-1 General Provisions (510kb pdf)

DS-2 Streetscape (106kb pdf)

DS-3 Reserves (99kb pdf)

DS-4 Transportation Network (335kb pdf)

DS-5 Stormwater (1.1mb pdf)

DS-5 Stormwater APX G Worked Example (284kb pdf)

DS-6 Wastewater (176kb pdf)

DS-7 Water Supply (236kb pdf)

DS-8 Public Lighting (198kb pdf)

DS-9 Network Utilities (90kb pdf)

DS-10 Natural Hazards & Earthworks (475kb pdf)

DS-10 Natural Hazards & Earthworks APX I Drawing (231kb pdf)

DS-11 Road Zone Occupancy (118kb pdf)

DS-12 Building Consent Considerations (Under Construction)

Standard Drawings

SD-1 General Provisions (230kb pdf)

D100 Street Design Diagrams

T200 Streetscape

T300 Reserves

T400 Transport Network

T500 Stormwater

T600 Wastewater

T700 Water Supply

T800 Public Lighting (497kb pdf)

AB drawings

Approved Materials

AM-1 General Provisions (109kb pdf)

AM-2 Streetscape (79kb pdf)

AM-3 Reserves (46kb pdf)

AM-4 Transportation Network (63kb pdf)

AM-5 Stormwater (126kb pdf)

AM-6 Wastewater (97kb pdf)

AM-7 Water Supply (145kb pdf)

AM-8 Public Lighting (85kb pdf)

AM-9 Network Utilities (19kb pdf)

Construction Standards

CS-1 General (98kb pdf)

CS-2 Site Clearance (77kb pdf)

CS-3 Earthworks (89kb pdf)

CS-4 Excavation (88kb pdf)

CS-5 Excavation in Trench (79kb pdf)

CS-6 Fill (94kb pdf)

CS-7 Bedding and Backfill (78kb pdf)

CS-8 Subsoil Drainage for Earthworks and Roads (79kb pdf)

CS-9 Pipework (89kb pdf)

CS-10 Pipe Fittings (81kb pdf)

CS-11 Manholes and Rodding Eyes (80kb pdf)

CS-12 Sumps (76kb pdf)

CS-13 Trenchless Technology (87kb pdf)

CS-14 Road Ripping (80kb pdf)

CS-15 Road Pavement Layers (85kb pdf)

CS-16 Kerb and Channel (80kb pdf)

CS-17 Concrete Work (88kb pdf)

CS-18 Carriageway Surfacing (80kb pdf)

CS-19 Roadmarking (77kb pdf)

CS-20 Berm Features (89kb pdf)

CS-21 Street Structures (90kb pdf)

CS-22 Road Maintenance (78kb pdf)

CS-23 Grassing and Turfing (86kb pdf)

CS-24 Vegetation Planting and Gardens (84kb pdf)

CS-25 Reinstatement (79kb pdf)

Inspection & Testing Requirements

IT-1 General Provisions (156kb pdf)

IT-2 Streetscape (281kb pdf)

IS2.1 Inspection Sheet Tree (351kb pdf)

IT-3 Reserves (281kb pdf)

IS2.1 Inspection Sheet Tree (351kb pdf)

IT-4 Transportation Network (845kb pdf)

IS4.1 Inspection Sheet - Vehicle Crossing (250kb pdf)

IS4.2 Inspection Sheet - Pre Seal (344kb pdf)

IT-5 Stormwater (742kb pdf)

IS5.1 Inspection Sheet - Stormwater Manhole & Pipeline ≤ 50m Length (778kb pdf)

IS5.2 Inspection Sheet - Sump (962kb pdf)

IT-6 Wastewater (1.5mb pdf)

IS6.1 Inspection Sheet - Wastewater Manhole & Pipeline ≤ 50m Length (946kb pdf)

TS6.1 Wastewater Low Pressure Air Test (227kb pdf)

TS6.2 Wastewater High Pressure Air Test (228kb pdf)

TS6.3 Wastewater Rising Main Pressure Test (302kb pdf)

TS6.4 Manhole Infiltration Test (226kb pdf)

IT-7 Water Supply (1.8mb pdf)

IS7.1 Inspection Sheet - Hydrant (280kb pdf)

IS7.2 Inspection Sheet - Valve (269kb pdf)

IS7.3 Inspection Sheet - Water Connection (303kb pdf)

IS7.4 Pre-backfill inspection (32kb pdf)

IS7.5 Pressure Testing checklist (89kb pdf)

IT-8 Public Lighting (77kb pdf)

IT-9 Network Utilities (79kb pdf)

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