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Understanding our hazards (studies, maps and data)

To better manage natural hazards, and build resilient communities and infrastructure, we first need to understand what we’re up against.

We have been researching, mapping, planning for, and informing our community about natural hazards for over 20 years now. One of our latest studies provides new insights into coastal erosion along the coastal strip, taking sea level rise scenarios into account. We have also looked into the earthquake and liquefaction hazard, and will shortly release updated slope hazard maps, for the city.

Information about these hazards is available on this website and included in Land Information Memorandum (LIM) reports. It’s also used in council consenting processes for planning, building and subdivision.

We continue to collect new data and update existing data on a rolling basis – to ensure it covers our whole city, and incorporates  updates in scientific knowledge, guidelines and legislature, and responds to changes associated with climate change.

Some of our natural hazards can also be viewed on Mapi, a free GIS web map viewer.

View Mapi

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