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Cleanfill waste

The only dedicated cleanfill site in our region, Jack Shaw’s Cleanfill, has now closed permanently, but Te Maunga Transfer Station can take all of your waste.

Why has Jack Shaw Cleanfill closed?

Jack Shaw Cleanfill closed temporarily as a result of COVID-19 lockdown. During the lockdown, the owners of the cleanfill have decided to close permanently as the facility is very close to filling its consented area for cleanfill waste.

Where should I take my waste now?

While there are a number of proposals for dedicated cleanfill sites in the western Bay of Plenty region, they aren’t likely to become operational soon. Therefore, the next best place to take your waste is Te Maunga Transfer Station, located behind Trustpower Baypark Arena and Stadium.

Where is Te Maunga Transfer Station?

When is Te Maunga Transfer Station open?

Te Maunga is open 7 days:

Monday to Friday: 7.30am to 5pm
Weekends/public holidays: 9am to 5pm

To avoid peak times, we recommend visiting between 9-10.30am and 2-5pm.

Can I take my cleanfill waste to the Maleme Street Transfer Station?

Only Te Maunga Transfer Station has the ability to accept and sort cleanfill material. Please do not take this material to the Maleme Street Transfer Station unless it is absolutely necessary.

Do I need to separate my waste into different types before taking it to Te Maunga Transfer Station?

You don’t have to, but doing so will save you money - the general waste rate is $260 per tonne, whereas concrete and cleanfill soil is $63 per tonne, and garden waste is $120 per tonne etc.

To see a full breakdown of prices check our transfer station fees and charges page.

View a full list of rates

How can I reduce my costs?

For businesses that generate a high volume of waste (e.g. a truck and trailer weighing 24 tonnes or more), a more cost-effective alternative may be sending waste directly to Hampton Downs in the Waikato.

Separating your waste into the different waste types accepted at Te Maunga Transfer Station will save you money.

Tauranga City Council's Resource Wise Business programme provides free advice and support to help businesses minimise the amount of waste they send to landfill. 

Learn more about Resource Wise Business

Western Bay of Plenty District Council also has a similar programme called the Business Waste Minimisation Programme.

Learn more about the Business Waste Minimisation Programme

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