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City Vision and Council’s Strategic Framework

Strategic Framework

Our Direction – Tauranga 2050 outlines Tauranga City Council’s strategic direction which is our response to the vision for Tauranga and sets out our pathway to delivery.

Council’s strategic framework

Our Direction – Tauranga 2050 outlines Tauranga City Council’s strategic direction which is our response to the vision for Tauranga and sets out our pathway to delivery.

The framework enables our strategies and action plans to be grouped around the community outcomes – creating a clear line of sight between what we do and what we’re aiming to achieve for our city and communities, now and in the future. It also provides clarity about the way we will work to achieve those outcomes.

The framework consists of eight strands that all weave together, they are inter-related and none can stand alone.

There are strands for each of our five community outcomes:

  • an inclusive city – Tauranga Mataraunui
  • a city that values and protects the environment – Tauranga Taurikura
  • a well-planned cityTauranga – Tātai Whenua
  • a city that is easy to move aroundTauranga Ara Rau
  • a city that supports business and education Tauranga a te kura

And three strands highlighting the consistent approaches to the way we will apply: Te Ao Māori, sustainability, and working beyond Tauranga.

Council’s community outcomes were adopted in March 2021 as part of the 2021-2031 Long-term Plan development. New initiatives identified through our strategies and action and investment plans will begin to be implemented through the 2023/24 Annual Plan.

Who is the strategic framework for?

The framework should enable Council’s partners, stakeholders, customers and community to see and understand the direction of travel and how we are intending to get there.   

The framework will also provide a much deeper internal layer of knowledge that lines up what staff do and deliver, as well as providing the connections about how this work contributes to achievement of the vision for Tauranga.

How the vision for Tauranga and the strategic framework fit together

The vision for Tauranga identifies three key themes or aspirations that our communities want our future city to become.  A city where we prioritise nature, lift each other up and fuel possibility. 

Our Council response to the three key themes can be found in our community outcomes and strategic priorities.  Strategic priorities are areas where Council is seeking significant change.

The six strategic priorities are:

  1. Environmental leadership
  2. Addressing housing needs
  3. City centre refresh
  4. Moving around our city easily
  5. Land review of the port and industrial land
  6. A delivery focused organisation.

What does the strategic framework look like?

Strategic framework diagram on how it all fits together

Primary strategies

For each of the outcomes there is a primary strategy, these are:

  • Tauranga Mataraunui – Inclusive City Strategy 2022-2032 (currently in draft)
  • Tauranga Taurikura – Environment Strategy 2022-2032 (currently in draft)
  • Connected Centres Programme 2020 – urban development focus*
  • Connected Centres Programme 2020 – transport and movement focus*
  • Western Bay of Plenty Economic Strategy 2021

* note that the Connected Centres Programme supports two community outcomes

Action and Investment Plans

For each primary strategy there will be several investment and action plans to deliver on the strategy.

  • These can be joint or exclusive to Tauranga City Council. 
  • They will normally contribute to more than one strategy (and outcome).
  • They are topic-based (such as community centres and halls) or place-based (such as spatial plans)
  • These are the implementation plans for our strategies – where the rubber hits the road for who’s going to do what and when.
  • Where possible, we will adapt relevant parts of our existing strategies and plans into the updated and more focused action and investment plans.  In some cases we will need to develop new action and investment plans. (Noting that we will not be making any changes to our existing joint strategies and plans as part of this process, as they cannot be updated unilaterally. We will instead bring our proposed updates into the next review for each of the joint strategies).

Work is starting on our action and investment plans now, please let us know if you would like more information about what plans are envisaged and how you can be involved.

Council's Strategic Direction on a page

Council's Strategic Direction on a page (50kb pdf)



Survey has closed

Survey closed Friday 5 August 2022.


  • Workshops and engagement with sector groups to test our thinking

    December 2021
  • Workstreams for each of the eight strands of our framework to update and finalise content, including underpinning strategies and plans 

    February – April 2022
  • Draft framework finalised, community feedback sought.

    May – June 2022
  • Draft framework and high-level content, outlined in Our Direction – Tauranga 2050, adopted by Council as draft for community consultation.

    27 June
  • Community consultation.

    11 July to 5 August
  • Final updates made

  • Final framework adopted by Council

    5 September 2022
  • Developing (or refreshing/updating) action and investment plans

    Remainder of 2022 to early 2023

A Vision for Tauranga

Tauranga, together we can

Prioritise nature
Tauranga is a city where . . . we celebrate, protect and enhance our natural environment, 

Lift each other up
Tauranga is a city where . . . we foster and grow our communities, celebrate our differences, and lift-up those who are vulnerable

Fuel possibility
Tauranga is a city where . . . we foster creativity and innovation, celebrate our arts and culture, and empower our changemakers to create a vibrant city into the future

With everyone playing their part  
Together we can create the change our city needs

Kei a tātou te pae tawhiti
The future is all of ours

Because, Tauranga, together we can.

Over the last few years, we have heard from many parts of our community that we need a vision for Tauranga.

Late last year we asked our communities about their values and hopes for the future through the My Tauranga Vibe campaign. Through this process, we now better understand what people value for themselves, their whanau, their communities, and the city they live in.

Prior to My Tauranga Vibe we involved a diverse range of community sectors including iwi and hapū, social services, tourism, community, and businesses and gathered additional insight from what our community told us through the Long Term Plan process and Vital Updates

Collectively, this work has enabled us to hear the many aspirations, priorities, and challenges for our city.

This year we used all this input from our communities to develop a vision for Tauranga. On 13 June 2022, Council adopted the new vision Tauranga City Council’s vision for Tauranga, and also endorsed it as a shared Vision for Tauranga that we hope others in our city will pick up and use as their own.

We hope that our new vision for Tauranga will be meaningful for our communities and all those working to make our city better. Most importantly, we hope it resonates with our rangatahi – our young people who will be the leaders of Tauranga, tomorrow.

Tauranga, together we can is founded in the concept of Hoki whakamuri, haere whakamua (Walking backwards into the future).  This acknowledges our past through the values of our kaumatua and focuses on the future through the hearts and minds of our rangatahi, as it is their voices that will shape the city they are set to inherit.

This vision for Tauranga aims to:

  • acknowledge where we have come from and the challenges of today
  • create a foundation of shared identity for everyone in the city
  • bring our communities together and inspire meaningful change.

We have been listening to our communities and have heard from over 10,000 people through various methods.  Three key themes were clearly expressed by our communities as being important for a future Tauranga – environment, community and inclusivity, and vibrancy.  As such, they form the basis of the vision statement:

  1. Environment – prioritising nature
  2. Community and inclusivity – lifting each other up
  3. Vibrancy – fuelling possibility

A call to action to individuals, communities, and organisations to both individually and collectively work towards creating the change our city needs.  We hope that community groups, organisations and businesses will support the vision for Tauranga and consider how they can best take action to work towards the three key pillars of the vision – Because Tauranga, together we can.

The success of the City Vision

The strategic framework outlines how Tauranga City Council will respond to the City Vision. 

The real success of the Vision will rely on take-up by others within the community to embed the vision in everything that they do as well.


Survey has closed

Survey closed Friday 5 August 2022.

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