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City Vision and Council’s Strategic Framework

Strategic Framework

A vision is an agreed aspiration – or a common goal - about what communities would like to see for the future of our city. A vision is not much use if it is not acted upon. 

Tauranga City is pulling all its strategies and plans together so you can see how the vision will be realised – and/or if there are any gaps. This is called the strategic framework project.

Tauranga Moana City Vision

Over the last few years, we have heard from many parts of our community that we need a vision for Tauranga Moana. 

Recently, we have asked our communities about their values and hopes for the future through the My Tauranga Vibe campaign. Through this process, we now better understand what people value for themselves, their whanau, their communities, and the city they live in.

Prior to My Tauranga Vibe we involved a diverse range of community sectors including iwi and hapū, social services, tourism, community, and businesses and gathered additional insight from what our community told us through the Long Term Plan process  and Vital Updates.

Collectively, this work has enabled us to hear the many aspirations, priorities, and challenges for our city.

The next stage of this project is to pull this all together to develop a city vision, that will be meaningful for the people of Tauranga Moana and all those working to make our city better.

Most importantly, we hope it resonates with our rangatahi – our young people who will be the leaders of Tauranga, tomorrow.

A City Vision will be adopted early in the new year.


  • Workshops and engagement with sector groups to test our thinking

    December 2021
  • Draft framework reported to Council

    Early 2022
  • Workstreams for each of the eight strands of our framework to update and finalise content, including underpinning strategies and plans 

    February – April 2022
  • Draft framework finalised, community feedback sought, and final updates made

    May – June 2022
  • Final framework adopted by Council

    July 2022

More detail on the process

The strategic framework project

The strategic framework project is a process (alongside the development of a City Vision) to align all Council’s strategies.   This process will be completed in the middle of 2022.

The framework will provide a clear line of sight between the City Vision, the community outcomes and the ‘what and how’ of Tauranga City Council delivering on its commitments. 

The framework process will also allow TCC to identify any gaps in its strategies and plans (and we already know there are some significant ones) and therefore will enable these gaps to be acknowledged and addressed.

What is the strategic framework?

The framework consists of eight strands.  

The strands depict our five community outcomes:

  • an inclusive city
  • a city that values and protects the environment
  • a well-planned city
  • a city that is easy to move around
  • a city that supports business and education

… and weaves these with our three strategic priorities: Te Ao Māori, sustainability, and working beyond Tauranga.

We have developed the framework around the concept of “raranga”, a style of plaited weaving, where each element of the framework is connected to the other, with our principles (how we do things around here) forming the foundation stone for the framework. 

City vision diagram

The success of the City Vision

The strategic framework outlines how Tauranga City Council will respond to the City Vision. 

The real success of the Vision will rely on take-up by others within the community to embed the vision in everything that they do as well.

The raranga (weave) pattern

This has been chosen because it represents the concept of the whole requiring the sum of its parts. We will develop this concept into an appropriate name for the framework as the project evolves.

When we are finished the strategic framework project, all our strategies and plans will be positioned under the strands of the framework weave, showing where and how each contributes to our community outcomes and, ultimately, to the City’s vision.

Who is the framework for?

The framework enables Council’s partners, stakeholders, customers and community to see and understand the direction of travel and how we are intending to get there.   It should be simple and easy to understand (reduceable to one page), focused on the future and will demonstrate how we are working towards our goals.

The framework also provides a much deeper internal layer of knowledge that lines up what staff do and deliver, as well as providing the connections about how this work contributes to achievement of the City’s vision.

Once the framework is completed it will be offered for public feedback in May 2022.

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