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Pukapuka hāngai ki te ahunga rautaki

Contributing documents to strategic direction

The contributing documents are all the documents that we already have to guide us when developing and implementing our strategic direction.  Each AIP will reference and include links to the contributing documents relevant to the area the AIP covers.  

Contributing documents include frameworks, masterplans, guidelines, and management plans (including Hapū resource management plans and asset management plans), and are listed below.

City Plan

The Tauranga City Plan provides the rules for how people can build or develop the land they own in our city.  

Tauranga City Plan

Community Facilities Investment Plan

It seeks to ensure we have the right facility, in the right place, at the right time, taking into consideration wider priorities for growth and investment across the city, and financial constraints.  The plan covers council’s core ‘multi-use’ facilities and identifies investment needs in our community facilities. The plan has been developed collaboratively by Tauranga City Council and Bay Venues Ltd.

Community Facilities Investment Plan (1.9mb pdf)

Council Policies

Policies support the decision making of Council, and ensure that council’s vision, mission and strategic direction is consistently implemented.


Financial Strategy

The financial strategy outlines the Council’s overall approach to managing its finances.

Financial Strategy


Guidelines and principles documents provide a common reference point for the design and management of specific spaces or activities.


The Stormwater Management Guidelines provide a common reference point for the design and management of stormwater systems in Tauranga, highlighting the low impact design (LID) approach. 

Stormwater Guidelines

This Street Design Guide for Tauranga is designed to sit alongside the Infrastructure Development Code (IDC), and provide greater guidance in the application of the Street Design Tool and Street Design Diagrams

Street Design Guide

The key objective of the Principles is to enhance the protection, re-instatement, development and articulation of mana whenua cultural landscapes enabling all of us (mana whenua, mataawaka, tauiwi and manuhiri) to connect to and deepen our ‘sense of place’.

Tauranga Moana Design Principles

Management Plans

Management plans outline how we will protect, manage and maintain assets, services or aspects of our natural environment.  Some management plans carry regulatory responsibilities, which Council must give effect to, such as Iwi/hapū resource management plans.



A Iwi/Hapū Management Plan (IHMP) is a document developed and approved by iwi/hapū that describes resource management issues of importance to them as tangata whenua.

Iwi/Hapū Resource Management Plans

A new parking management plan has been adopted that will change the way parking is managed in and around the city centre. 

Parking management plans

Reserve management plans set out how council intends to provide for and ensure the use, enjoyment, maintenance, protection, and preservation, as the case may require, and, to the extent resources permit, the development of reserve.

Tauranga Reserve Management Plan

Marine Facilities Framework

The Marine Facilities Framework will guide the way our community and visitors access Tauranga Harbour, Te Awanui, in the future.

Marine Facilities Framework 

Play, Active Recreation and Sport (PARS) AIP – maps

This document provides a high-level gaps assessment of play, active recreation and sport infrastructure areas of the city.  The maps indicate existing facilities and actions proposed in plan, and provide some site-specific information additional to that contained within the document itself.   
Note: for some actions, further assessment and site-specific detail is to be completed. Site specific planning and detailed design will involve community engagement as necessary. Details of gaps in supporting infrastructure such as provision of artificial shade, toilets, changing facilities, showers, drinking fountains and seating areas are not provided in this document. Some actions apply across the city, or have not yet been tied to a specific area of the city – these actions are noted on the ‘citywide’ map. Actions that have been identified for a specific area of the city are identified on the subsequent maps.   

Play, Active Recreation and Sport AIP – maps (6mb pdf)

Infrastructure Development Code

The purpose of Infrastructure Development Code (IDC) is to provide technical and process information to ensure that landforms and infrastructure developed in Tauranga achieve appropriate outcomes, whilst considering all co-stakeholders and the community’s needs.

Infrastructure Development Code

Infrastructure Strategy

This strategy guides our long-term thinking and supports our investment decisions.

Infrastructure Strategy (6.5mb pdf)

Long-term Plans and Annual Plan

Every three years we work with our community on a long-term plan (LTP) that sets out our budget and work plans for the coming decade. In each of the two years between every LTP, we create an annual plan. Annual plans are the budgets and activity plans developed by Council for the year ahead. They include details on the main activities financials and user fees and charges.

Long-term Plans and Annual Plans

Master Plans

A master plan is a long-term planning document that provides a conceptual layout, normally in a spatial or map format, to guide future growth and development.  Master planning is about making the connection between buildings, social settings, and their surrounding environments – creating a big picture vision to meet future needs within a community or local area. 

The layout of the refreshed masterplan and the facilities within it will promote opportunities for welcoming and expression, learning and discovery, appreciating our past and shaping our future, and places for entertaining and enjoyment.

Tauranga Civic Master Plan

Transformation of Tauranga’s waterfront will see it become an iconic destination that stands the test of time and celebrates our city’s connection to the harbour.

Tauranga Moana Waterfront Master Plan

Transformation of Tauranga’s waterfront will see it become an iconic destination that stands the test of time and celebrates our city’s connection to the harbour.

Active Reserves Master Plan

Sustainability framework

We are going to use the results of our recent sustainability stocktake as a starting point to develop the Council’s approach to, and actions towards, sustainability for the city. This will ensure that we prioritise our efforts to achieve improved sustainability across the city.

Find out more about the sustainability stocktake


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