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Tauranga City Council’s Strategic Framework project

Strategic Framework

You’ve told us loud and clear what you love most about Tauranga, and we’re listening.

We’re working on a number of action and investment plans (AIPs) to help us achieve the things you’ve told us are most important to you, such as looking after the environment, lifting each other up, and fostering creativity, business and education. 

The AIPs focus on new actions (not business as usual actions) required to support our direction and achieve our goals.

Update - 24 March 2023

Follow-up workshop on the Climate AIP

When: 27 March 2023 (immediately following the Council meeting, estimated 1pm start)

Climate AIP workshop agenda documents: 27 March 2023 (8mb pdf)

Previous workshop documents

Workshop documents

We will update our working draft AIPs to reflect the Committee feedback, and continue our conversations with any interested people, groups and organisations to develop a ‘version 2’ draft by mid-late April.  We will then seek any further community feedback in May to June, prior to adoption of the AIPs in August.

If you would like to be kept informed or to be involved, please contact the project team on ourdirection@tauranga.govt.nz or call 07 577 7000 and asking for the Strategy team. 

Our Direction - Tauranga 2050

Sits above the action and investment plans. It outlines Tauranga City Council’s strategic direction which is our response to the vision for Tauranga and sets out our pathway to delivery.

Draft Our Direction - Tauranga 2050 (8mb pdf)

Submissions received through the consultation process on this document are currently under consideration.


  • Workshops and engagement with sector groups to test our thinking

    December 2021
  • Workstreams for each of the eight strands of our framework established

    February – April 2022
  • Draft framework finalised

    May – June 2022
  • Draft framework and high-level content, outlined in Our Direction – Tauranga 2050, adopted by Council as draft for community consultation alongside Draft Tauranga Mataraunui – Inclusive City Strategy, and Draft Tauranga Taurikura – Environment Strategy

    27 June 2022
  • Consultation

    11 July 2022 to 5 August 2022
  • Review of submissions on Our Direction – Tauranga 2025 and the two draft strategies

    August to December 2022
  • Engagement on new Action and Investment Plans under development

    September - December 2022
  • Council adopts Strategic Framework structure

    12 December 2022
  • Developing (or refreshing/updating) Action and Investment Plans – including Strategy, Finance and Risk Committee workshops

    January to March 2023
  • Consultation on the draft Action and Investment Plans and draft Mataraunui and Taurikura Strategies

    May/June 2023
  • Adopt Action and Investment Plans, and Mataraunui and Taurikura Strategies

    August 2023

The strategic framework

Our Direction - Tauranga 2050 outlines Tauranga City Council's strategic direction which is our response to the vision for Tauranga and sets out our pathway to delivery.

The framework enables our strategies and plans to be grouped around the community outcomes – creating a clear line of sight between what we do and what we’re aiming to achieve for our city and communities, now and in the future. It also provides clarity about the way we will work to achieve those outcomes.

The framework consists of eight strands that all weave together, they are inter-related and none can stand alone.

There are strands for each of our five community outcomes:

  • an inclusive city – Tauranga Mataraunui
  • a city that values and protects the environment – Tauranga Taurikura
  • a well-planned cityTauranga – Tātai Whenua
  • a city that is easy to move aroundTauranga Ara Rau
  • a city that supports business and education Tauranga a te kura

And three strands highlighting the consistent approaches to the way we will apply: Te Ao Māori, sustainability, and working beyond Tauranga.

Community outcomes

Council’s community outcomes were adopted in March 2021 as part of the 2021-2031 Long-term Plan development. New initiatives identified through our strategies and action and investment plans will begin to be implemented through the 2023/24 Annual Plan.

Primary strategies

For each of the outcomes there is a primary strategy

More information on the primary strategies

Action and Investment Plans

For each primary strategy there are several action and investment plans (AIPs). 

More information on Action and Investment Plans

Council's Strategic Direction on a page

Council's Strategic Direction on a page (50kb pdf)

A Vision for Tauranga

The community has told us we need a vision for our city; something the community can aspire to, connect with and guide our city forward.

We have developed a new vision for Tauranga, in collaboration with our partners and informed by the views of over 10,000 people

Check out the vision for Tauranga

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