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Te Papa

Te Papa peninsula

Te Papa Spatial Plan banner

Our spatial plan for the Te Papa peninsula sets the strategic direction for growth over the next 30 years.

It considers how we will address our key challenges of population growth and housing choice, infrastructure pressure, transport options, cultural wellbeing and the local amenities needed to support our communities. It outlines the overall approach, priority areas of focus, anticipated benefits and required actions.

The Te Papa Spatial Plan is a 30-year plan, providing a coordinated and integrated approach to:

  • the way we move around (transport)
  • where we live (urban form)
  • where we work (economy)
  • where we play (open space, community facilities)
  • how we are supported (health, social services, commercial activity, education)
  • who we are (culture, identity).

Te Papa Spatial Plan (4.6mb pdf)

The plan will assist in more efficient use of resources, including infrastructure, transport options, and how we live. In turn, this will reduce costs to the community and individuals, as well as providing potential for better use of time and healthier living.

As a non-statutory document, the spatial plan helps to inform our planning processes such as the city plan and its upcoming review, social infrastructure planning, transport planning and council’s annual plan and long term plan.

This spatial plan does this by identifying actions and projects that are needed to achieve the outcomes for Te Papa. It provides a high level of detail and indicates areas where this detail should be investigated further.

As we implement the plan, we will continue to engage with the community, stakeholders and mana whenua on the different key actions and projects.

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