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We are aware that some customers are having issues making payments online. This is due to Visa and Mastercard now enforcing two-factor authentication on all payments in order to increase security.

If you are having issues making an online payment, please contact your bank.

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My water bill is high

Find out if you have a water leak, and how to save water to reduce your bill.

Find out if you have a water leak

Your water meter measures how much water you are using, and can be used to check if you have a water leak on your property.

Water meters are located in a box in the ground near your front boundary. The numbers displayed count your water usage in cubic metres. Your water invoice is based on this reading which is recorded by council every three months. You can keep track of your water usage yourself by writing these numbers down regularly.

There is a small disc in the middle of your water meter that spins around when water flows through your meter. If it’s spinning when all your taps are turned off, you may have a leak. Find out how to read your water meter.

Homeowners are responsible for all water pipes (and leaks) that are on the property’s side of the water meter (even if the meter is outside your boundary). Council is responsible for the water pipes that lead up to your water meter, including the meter itself.

If a leak is council’s responsibility or your water meter is faulty, give us a call on 07 577 7000. We are available 24/7, even on public holidays so please contact us.

We aim to respond to high priority jobs (e.g. no water or major damage) within eight hours and smaller jobs (e.g. small leaks, low pressure) within 72 hours. Repairs will be carried out as soon as practical.

If you’ve had a water leak, you may be eligible for a water rates remission.

Book a free water efficiency check

Waterline is a free advisory service to help households and businesses increase their water efficiency. Find out how Waterline advisors can help you and book a free water efficiency check.

Tips to save water

Water is a precious resource and must be used conservatively to ensure there is enough for everyone, and our supply streams remain in good health.

There are several easy ways to save water such as installing a water flow restrictor and making sure your tap washers are in good working order to prevent water dripping away. Learn how to install these here.

Water saving tips and tricks

Apply for a water remission (refund)

If your property has suffered a water leak and your water use is excessively high as a result, you can apply for a refund for the time period concerned.

Please check section 4.6 of our Remissions Policy to see if you qualify, fill in the application form and attach the evidence required. Find out more about council rates remission and postponement.

Rates Remission Policy (34kb pdf) Water rates remission application form (45kb pdf)

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