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Bylaws are special laws that apply in the Tauranga area only. They help Council make sure the city runs smoothly.

Boundary alteration

If your property has recently transferred from the Western Bay of Plenty District Council area to Tauranga City Council you need to take a look at the Western Bay of Plenty District Council’s policies and bylaws as they still apply to your property. Click to view these policies and bylaws. If you have any questions please call our Policy Team on 07 577 7000.

Bylaws are reviewed five years after they were first made and then every ten years after that.

How Bylaws work

What bylaws are, and how we set them.

How Bylaws work

Airport Bylaw 2016

This bylaw protects the safety of airport users and property used in connection with the airport. It sets out the types of behaviours and requirements of users including the use of vehicles and aircraft operations.

Airport Bylaw 2016 (450kb pdf)

Alcohol Bylaw 2018

The purpose of this bylaw is to reduce alcohol-related harm by controlling the consumption of alcohol in public places. It sets out the agreed permanent, New Year and temporary alcohol-free areas. It also provides the powers of search, seizure and arrest by NZ Police.

Alcohol Bylaw 2018 (3mb pdf)

Beaches Bylaw 2018

This bylaw enables the safe, recreational use of Tauranga’s beaches and manages public safety and nuisance issues. It sets out the rules for vehicles on beaches, other craft, longline fishing, horses and fires.

Beaches Bylaw 2018 (1.8mb pdf)

Dog Management Bylaw 2018

This bylaw sets out the areas where dogs are allowed whilst on a leash, where they are permanently and temporarily prohibited, location of kennels, a limit on the number of dogs, impounding, menacing dogs, offences and penalties.

Dog Management Bylaw 2018 (3.6mb pdf)

Freedom Camping Bylaw 2019

This bylaw sets restrictions around freedom camping to ensure our spaces can be enjoyed by all. It sets out where freedom camping is permitted (subject to restrictions) and where it is prohibited, offences and penalties.

Freedom Camping Bylaw 2019 (6.6mb pdf)

Keeping of Animals Bylaw 2018

This bylaw promotes responsible animal ownership, including reducing impact on neighbours, the public and preventing damage.

Keeping of Animals Bylaw 2018 (146kb pdf)

Prostitution Bylaw 2019

This bylaw provides for the locations of brothels in Tauranga and regulates associated signage.

Prostitution Bylaw 2019 (1.7mb pdf)

Speed Limit Bylaw 2009

This bylaw sets speed limits and allows Council to set speed limits on roads under the ownership and/or control of Tauranga City Council.

Speed Limit Bylaw 2009 (1.5mb pdf)

Stormwater (Pollution Prevention) Bylaw 2015

This bylaw helps to protect our waterways and prevents the misuse of Council's public stormwater network by controlling the discharge of contaminants and protecting the network from damage or alteration.

Stormwater (Pollution Prevention) Bylaw 2015 (247kb pdf)

Street Use and Public Places Bylaw 2018

This bylaw lays out regulations for behaviour in public places so everyone can enjoy them safely and without nuisance .

Street Use and Public Places Bylaw 2018 (517kb pdf)

Trade Waste Bylaw 2019

This bylaw protects people and the environment from harmful substances being put into the wastewater system, and the wastewater system from damage, misuse and inference.

Trade Waste Bylaw 2019 (189kb pdf)

Traffic and Parking Bylaw 2023

This bylaw sets the requirements for control of traffic and parking on roads, public places, parking areas and transport stations owned, controlled or managed by Council.

Traffic and Parking Bylaw 2023 (271kb pdf)
Traffic and Parking Bylaw 2012 attachments (3.2mb pdf)

Waste Management and Minimisation Bylaw 2022

Our Waste Management and Minimisation Bylaw 2022 sets out the rules for collection, removal, transport, disposal and processing of waste. It also covers the health and safety of waste collectors, operators and the public, and the management of litter in public places. It works together with our Waste Management and Minimisation Plan (WMMP) to support our vision, goals, objectives and action plan for reducing waste to landfill over the next six years. 

Waste Management and Minimisation Bylaw 2022 (58kb pdf)

Water Supply Bylaw 2019

This bylaw protects the health and safety of people using water, the public water supply network from damage, misuse and interference and assists in the provision of reliable, safe and efficient water supply.

Water Supply Bylaw 2019 (241kb pdf)

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